Jonahsa Foundation Gives Grassroot Education To Underprivileged Liberian Children


The Biblical proverb, “Train up a child in the way he should grow, and when old he will not depart from it,” is being manifested by the Jonahsa Foundation Incorporated through its grassroot education program. The program targets financially-constrained Liberian children; writes Ojuku Silver-tongue Kangar, Jr.

   The Jonahsa Foundation, which was established in 2015, continues to provide support to 3,000 underprivileged Liberian school-going children in several schools across Liberia.

   Its humanitarian services toward the downtrodden Liberian children, in whose faces are always the evidence of economic marginalization, include the distribution of textbooks, copy books, book bags, payment of tuitions and other schooling materials.

   On June 25, 2023 one of the many schools under the Jonahsa Foundation Outreach Educational Program held its graduation, involving five nursery students of Recom Community School in North Road, New Georgia, Montserrado County.

   The keynote speaker, Groba Leo Williams, who proxy for Jonahsa Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonah Barcon, underscored the compulsory need of “early childhood education” prioritization in Liberia’s education sector nationwide.

   “To have a solid structure, the foundation has to be strong,” Williams told parents and graduates. He told them to consider primary education as a matter of must.

   At the guest speaker’s statement, “The foundation and its  partners will continue to support grassroot education students throughout Liberia,” parents, guardians and students, in one accord, shouted and clapped as a sign of appreciation of the foundation for its unbending support toward their children’s education in these trying times.

   “Our country is in need of nurses, doctors, administrators, lawyers; therefore, we are committed to providing education for our unprivileged children,” he said.

   Earlier, the students and the graduating class performed dramas and recited recitations, which caused a stir among parents to cheer their children’s excellent performance during the program.

   At the same time, the Proprietor of the Recom Community School, Pastor Jerry Cole, applauded the CEO of the foundation, Barcon, for extending his student outreach program to his school.

   The Liberian clergyman then officially announced that his school will be given to the Jonahsa Foundation for the sole purpose of building a  new school, medical center, teachers’ quarters,  among others.

   Meanwhile, the Jonahsa Foundation has appointed Dr. Moore as Spokesperson and Board Chair of the Trustees.

   Courageously, the Founder of the foundation, Barcon, has also revealed through its proxy that the new school, when constructed, would be named in honor of Dr. Moore for her selfless services to Liberian children.

  The Jonahsa Foundation has also won the best Humanitarian Nonprofit Organization Award in Liberia 2022/2023. It was awarded as an outstanding contributor to grassroots education, agriculture and mental health services throughout Liberia.

   The Foundation is currently running its agriculture and mental health programs in three of Liberia’s fifteen counties.

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