LIBA Fires At Rice Importers!


The Liberia Business Association (LIBA) has warned the importers of rice not to tamper with the current market price of 25kg bag of rice. At the same time, LIBA argued that the Government of Liberia (GOL) will not subsidize the price of the commodity, but insist that the price of the rice remains the same in spite of the global increase in commodity price.

   However, LIBA expressed fear that this may lead to hoarding, and therefore condemned the act by unscrupulous individuals or importers to create an artificial shortage on Liberian market. The business conglomerate called on border security personnel to remain vigilant and prevent the hauling of large quantities of rice in neighboring countries at the detriment of the country’s interest.

   The Liberia Business Association (LIBA) said it believes that the rice importers in Liberia have the financial capacity to establish large commercial rice farms and acquire rice harvesting, mailing and parboiling confrontations to commence value addition to the locally produced country rice that would satisfy the taste and predilection to that of the imported parboiled rice.

 With LIBA statutory mandate, the group assured that it can lobby with local authority in the country to provide several acres of farming land to well prepared local and foreign Investors who are ready to engage in the production, and value addition, of the local rice.

   Meanwhile, LIBA is admonishing Liberians at home and abroad to work with international investors and farmers to ensure that farmlands in Liberia are suitable for agriculture.  

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