“Liberia Leadership Not A Joking Place”; Pres. Weah Tells Opposition Candidates


President George M. Weah, in continued campaign mood, has told his rivals that Liberia’s leadership is not a place to joke.

   He made the assertion in districts #9 and #10, which marks his third day of campaign since the National Election Commission (NEC) declared campaign open.

   As his entry caused frenzied joy among partisans, well-wishers, and others, at the Old Road Market, Peace Island and Susan Berry, where the official program was held, he preached peace maintenance message to the jostling crowd, and told them that his past humanitarian deeds are evidence of those he helped and not a rhetoric, as is in the case of his rivals.

   “Our leadership is not putting water in bottle and shaking it,” President Weah blasted Alexander Cummings, who always boasts that he worked with Cocoa Cola Factory and helped several Liberians. “You think we are joking here?”

   Not Cummings alone, who is the Standard Bearer of  the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) the President berated, but also the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Joseph Boakai.

   “What will Boakai do in our country? He does not know success story. He has not developed himself, who will he develop?” President Weah said.

   He said that former Vice President Boakai and others vying for leadership are dishonest and not fair to the Liberian people.

   With continued raining of invectives on leaders and citizens, President Weah urged citizens of district #10 to vote Representative Yekeh Kolubah out on October 10 and vote Representative Aspirant Josephine David as the next decent representative.

   Being a former peace ambassador, he expressed disappointment in Representative Kolubah’s usual uncalled-for behavior toward him and others. He then told his partisans and first-time voters that he is on number 18 on the ballot paper.

   “Vote ‘18th Street’, vote ‘18th Street’,” he said. I joined CDC on May 30, 2005, and this year is making CDC 18 years. I played for Monaco in France and my jersey number was 18. So vote 18 on October 10,” President Weah said.

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