Liberia Surfing Association Hosts Historic Surfing Event, Boosting Local Economy


The Liberia Surfing Association (LSA) has successfully conducted the first Africa Surf 24 event, under the theme, “Africa Force”, in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. This landmark event, organized in collaboration with the African Surf Confederation (ASC), has made a significant impact on the local economy, unified the Robertsport community, and elevated the sport of surfing in Liberia to new heights.

   According to the LSA, the surfing event, fully supported by President Joseph Boakai and various divisions of the government, brought both economic and social benefits to Robertsport and its surrounding areas, emphasizing the importance of the sport for Liberia.

 “Africa Tour 24 Liberia” was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of State and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It created opportunities for road work and infrastructure development, ensuring better facilities and access for future events to one of the major point breaks in Robertsport. All local lodging and hotels were fully booked, providing a significant boost to the hospitality sector of Robertsport during the week of the Africa Surf 24. Local caterers, chair rentals, and small businesses saw increased patronage, with many expressing their desire for such events to happen more frequently. The Mayor of Robertsport, Thomas Bai Massaquoi noted, “Everyone made money, and the community thrived. This event has shown the potential of surfing to transform our economy.”

   In a release issued recently, the LSA disclosed that the surfing event has added to a sense of unity among the citizens of Robertsport and the wider public, bringing people together in support of a common cause. “The sight of young Liberian boys and girls riding the waves alongside their counterparts from other parts of Africa inspired many, highlighting the sport’s potential. The success of our surfers competing against world-class athletes has raised the profile of surfing in Liberia, sparking conversations and interest across the nation,” the release stated.

   According to the release, the LSA is committed to promoting surfing as a sport that can positively impact the lives of the youth, and that a plan is underway to establish a surfing school academy in Liberia, where children can learn to surf while continuing their education. This initiative aims to provide a structured environment for young surfers, supporting their development and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

   “Following the success of the Robertsport event, the LSA and ASC are planning another surf event in Monrovia, further extending the reach and impact of surfing in Liberia. We are dedicated to providing more coaching and development opportunities for our surfers, ensuring they have the skills and support needed to compete on the world stage.

   “We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors and supporters, with special recognition to President Joseph Boakai for his unwavering support. The success of this event would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the Liberian government, the ASC and the local community,” the release observed.

Winners of the Robertsport men surfing event were Cherif Fall, Senegal, first place; Sampson Paul Sibanda, South Africa, second place; Robertney Barros, Cabo Verde,third place; and Ismaila Samb, Senegal, fourth place. For the women surfing event, Deguene Thioune, Senegal, took first place, and Aita Diop, Senegal, secured second place.

   The LSA release underscored, “These athletes have made us proud and demonstrated the incredible talent within Africa.”

   Oumar Seye, President of the African Surf Confederation, emphasized, “The first African tour was an absolute success! Liberia is a country full of resources and potential. The ASC is committed to supporting the government in promoting Liberia as a premier surfing destination. With good waves across our coastline, we can turn the tide of poverty by encouraging everyone to join the surfing community and boost the economy through job creation.”

   Also, the President of the Liberia Surfing Association, Naquetta Rick, said “Together, the LSA, ASC and the Liberian government are dedicated to building a thriving surf tourism culture in Liberia, towards the country’s growth, unity, and opportunity for all.”

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