Liberian-American Charity Reaches Milestone –Constructs And Turns over 100 Modern Wells And Hand Pumps


The Liberian-American charity international group, Friends of Liberia Food and Water, Inc., over the weekend celebrated a milestone achievement in Liberia with the construction, dedication and turning over of free 100 modern wells with hand pumps within eight counties throughout the country.

   The dedication and turning over of the wells and hand pumps are part of a two-front project that includes the construction and soon-to-be-dedicated modern rice processing factory in the Gatala community, Bong County. The well project was completed in a one-year period by a highly trained team of Liberians.

   According to the Chief Financiers, the Americans, Mr. and Mrs. George, commonly known in Liberia as “Mr. Clean Water”, the joint project is worth nearly US$1 million. Eight counties: Margibi, Lofa, Sinoe, Rivercess, Bong, Nimba, Gbarpolu and Bomi are currently benefiting from the free wells and hand pumps project.

    The American philanthropist said, based on records nearly 1.7 million Liberians still drink from creeks in several communities, towns and villages across these counties. George said the well will ensure that nearly ten percent of this population has access to safe drinking water in Liberia.

   Speaking to newsmen via mobile phone from the United States, the Chief Financial and head of Friends of Liberia Food and Water Inc. said it is the dream of the organization to ensure that the remaining 90 percent of this population also, in the not-too-distant future, has safe drinking water like the rest of the people who are benefiting from this free gesture.

   For their part, the citizens praised Mr. and Mrs. George for the safe drinking water in the communities and said it would greatly reduce the amount of risk they take with their children, who had no other alternative but to use running and creek waters for drinking.

   Meanwhile, the President of Friends of Liberia Food and Water Inc., Methodist Reverend Oliver, has assured citizens of Liberia that the modern rice processing factory will be dedicated and made functional at the soonest possible time. 

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