Liberians Hail ArcelorMittal For Historic County Meet Sponsorship


The quarter finals stage of the 2022/2023 National County Meet has provided untold excitement at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, with fans filling the stadiumโ€™s capacity in support of their respective counties.

   Nimba, Rivercess, Grand Bassa and Lofa counties went head-to-head with spectacular kickball and football watches on Saturday at a massively branded SKD.

   Sunday as well saw games between Maryland, Margibi, Bong and Montserrado counties.

   At these games, the dominant ArcelorMittal brand can be seen from every corner of the filed, as well outside, as thousands of fans made their way into the stadium.

   The scoreboard routinely played ArcelorMittal ads, which showcase the steel giantโ€™s investment in education, health, infrastructure as well as the companyโ€™s overall contribution to job creation and its upliftment of Liberiaโ€™s postwar investment portfolio.

   As the games raged on, supporters of competing counties drew attention to the ArcelorMittal brand, which singles out a company which has for more than a decade and half supported postwar reconstruction of Liberia.

   Rachel Saah is a businesswoman from Gbarnga, Bong County. She had traveled from Gbarnga to Monrovia and was impressed by the support AML gave the county.

   โ€œI came from Bong County this morning to support my county, Lofa, and I am happy for the way the county meet is going on. We are really enjoying it,โ€ she said.

   โ€œI like Mittal Steel because my husband is in Yekepa working for the company, and see how the company designed the fieldโ€ฆโ€

   Rachel recalled hearing from Radio Gbarnga in late November 2022 of the US$275,000 provided by ArcelorMittal for the holding of the county meet.

   โ€œOne evening last year, I came from the market and heard on the radio that ArcelorMittal gave plenty money, and the company asked us to come and support our teams. Thatโ€™s why I am here,โ€ she added. โ€œI asked my husband, and he said it was true; and so I told him that I will come and see the games.โ€     

   At the entrance of the SKD, a team of reporters met Emmanuel Dahn and Samuel Dolo, two sons of Nimba, sagged in county colors with wide smiles.

   As the two posted before the large ArcelorMittal banners afore the entrance of the SKD, they were full of praise for the sponsorship and general environment of the games.

   โ€œWe are here to support Nimba; we are from Nimba County and we love the way Mittal Steel has supported our county and the Ministry of Youth and Sports,โ€ said Emmanuel Dahn.

   Samuel Dolo, for his part, thanked AML for the direct support given the county and asked that in the next edition of the county meet, the company makes improvement in the amount of money given to its host counties.

   Dolo said, โ€œArcelorMittal sent money to the three affected counties and gave youth and sports $275,000. We are happy that the company is doing all this. It is very welcoming because this is no small money.

   โ€œAll I want to say is that they should not just give all the money to Youth and Sports Ministry next time. There should be increase in money given to Bassa, Nimba and Bong counties to enable them to prepare betterโ€.

  Samuel Willie and Hanscine Roberts, two residents who travelled from Buchanan for the games, also admired ArcelorMittalโ€™s work and collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

   They said they want the concession to continue to help solve issues that are confronting host communities, including education, health and some social, economic services, like water, jobs provision, etc.

   โ€œThese are the things we want the company to address. As they carry the iron ore, there must be things left behind that we can benefit fromโ€.

   Hanscine noted, โ€œAs for the money they gave the Ministry of Youth and Sports, I believe that the Ministry was given too much money which should have been given to the countiesโ€.

   โ€œCounties like Grand Bassa, Nimba and Bong where AML operates are still stressed with money issue to get prepared to compete in the leagueโ€.

   The theme of this yearโ€™s National County Meet, โ€œLiberia: a nation celebrating 200 years of existence โ€“ maintaining the peace through women’s sports participationโ€.

   AML said this theme aligns with its long history of support and commitment to activities that promote peace and unity, national reconciliation, and development.

   As spelled out in the sponsorship agreement, of the US$275,000, $250,000 constitutes the sponsorship fee while US$25,000 goes as additional support to the three counties of ArcelorMittalโ€™s operations (Nimba, Bong, and Grand Bassa) for the preparation of their teams.

   Nimba County received an amount of US$10,000, and Grand Bassa and Bong counties US$7,500 each.

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