LMHRA Warns Against Impersonation

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LMHRA Managing Director, Ketruah C. Smith

The management of the Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) says it has come to its attention that some unscrupulous individuals and members of the security apparatus have engaged in the process of arresting and confiscating pharmaceuticals from individuals in the name of the LMHRA.

   “While we strongly kick against drug peddling and the illegal sale of expired, falsified and substandard pharmaceuticals and encourage those involved in such acts to be reported to the authority, we want to state that only employees of the Inspectorate Department of LMHRA are clad with the responsibility to confiscate pharmaceutical products, in line with the Act creating the LMHRA,” a LMHRA press statement said.

   The release noted, “Therefore, we are strongly warning all unauthorized individuals involved in the confiscation of medicines and health products without the expressed authority of LMHRA to immediately desist.

   “We, henceforth, call on anyone knowing individuals or members of the security apparatus confiscating medicines and health products in the name of LMHRA to report same to the management of the Authority.”

   The release continued, “However, we would like to urge the public and members of the security apparatus in the know of people involved with drug peddling to report the situation to the LMHRA for action, rather than acting on behalf of the authority, given that security apparatuses do not have the technical knowledge to handle drug peddling and confiscation methods in accordance with the Authority’s Act and regulations.

   “All pharmaceutical outlets are therefore asked to report with evidence any employee of LMHRA found harassing any pharmacy or pharmacies across the country for administrative action.”

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