LPP Demands Clarity, Transparency In UP Gov’t; Expresses Skepticism About Gains Made


The Liberian People’s Party (LPP), headed by Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, which endorsed the Unity Party in the 2023 presidential run-off election, is demanding clarity, transparency and tangible results in all promised areas by the UP government, noting that the Liberian people deserve real, measurable progress and not just promises.

   In response to the Unity Party administration’s claims regarding achievements within its first 100 days of being in power, the LPP observed that, while the Unity Party administration has made some progress, the LPP remains skeptical about the depth and sustainability of these efforts.

   In a release issued Monday, June 10, 2024, the LPP said as a party that supported the UP during the second round, it is under a moral duty to help the administration to succeed by speaking the truth about its performance.

   The party commended the Boakai/Koung administration for the achievements made under its 100-day deliverables, but took note of some missteps that have the potential of undermining public trust and the building of a better Liberia. The party welcomed the signing of Executive Order #131 establishing the war and economic crimes court, following a resolution passed by the 55th Legislature. According to the party, this is a significant step toward ending impunity, promoting peace and fostering accountability. “LPP will monitor the administration to ensure the court becomes operational and effective,” the party assured.

   Also, the LPP commended efforts to rehabilitate challenging roads in rural Liberia, especially in Lofa and southeastern regions, as well as efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, Water and Sewer Corporation, and Liberia Revenue Authority.

   However, the LPP mentioned several issues of concern and missteps that have the potential of undermining public trust, such as not incorporating an inclusive government, violating the Public Financial Management Law, not respecting the doctrine of Separation of Power, wasteful spending, neglect of foreign policy, corruption and the lack of transparency and accountability.

   According to the LPP release, “Despite promises of inclusivity, eight (8) counties lack cabinet representation, and this is contrary to Section 10.2 of the Executive Law, which prescribes a formula for inclusive government; the administration violated the PFM Law by misusing and concealing funds, including a US$254 million loan and US$80K from NASSCORP for vehicle purchases; appointed individuals with questionable ethics, undermining trust in the administration; the Legislature overstepping its financial management role, undermining Constitutional boundaries; use of private jets and luxurious vehicles, which sends the wrong message about the state of the economy; the lack of engagement with ECOWAS, the African Union and the MANO River Union, weakening Liberia’s regional and international relationships; failure to publish asset declarations and the ineffective operation of the Assets Recovery Team; insufficient budget for the announced procurement of road maintenance machines; and the need for systemic educational reforms and increased budget allocation, similar to Sierra Leone’s model.”

   In order to correct these missteps, the party recommended that the UP administration adheres to the Maputo Declaration by allocating at least 10% of the national budget to agriculture; fast-track the establishment and operation of regional diagnostic centers; provide detailed progress reports with timelines for all infrastructural projects; implement systemic changes to enhance the quality of education; ensure the war and economic crimes court is operational and effective; redirect funds in the 2024 budget to establish public works stations within the counties; strengthen ties with ECOWAS, the African Union, and the MANO River Union; empower institutions like the LACC and ensure merit-based appointments; and provide security and respect to former leaders to ensure stability.

   The LPP emphasized that it will remain vigilant in holding the government accountable. “LPP demands clarity, transparency and tangible results in all promised areas. The Liberian people deserve more than just promises; they deserve real, measurable progress. LPP will continue to interrogate and challenge the current administration to ensure that the interests of all Liberians are being served. LPP calls on all citizens to join the party in demanding accountability and excellence from our leaders,” the party said in the release.

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