LRA Launches Business Climate Dialogue


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), in collaboration with the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, has officially launched a business climate dialogue (BCD) in the country. 

   The dialogue will enhance progressive interaction between the business community and governmentโ€™s stakeholders in improving the business environment, boosting tax compliance and engendering revenue growth.

   LRA Commissioner General, Thomas Doe Nah, told the launching ceremony that the BDC serves as a platform for businesses and government agencies to interact and set milestones jointly for improvement of tax matters, commercial transaction and business registration processes, among others.

   The regular engagements and discourses among stakeholders will help to mitigate hurdles in the way of trade and commerce. The BCD will contribute to planning workable solutions and innovative ways of attracting investments to Liberia.

   Commissioner General Nah said the dialogues seek to deepen understanding of laws that govern economic activities while allowing suggestions to improve these laws, boost economic activities and eventually help increase employment through more investments.

    โ€œOne way of encouraging businesses to formerly registered and keep the business climate working for all is to create the necessary ambiance in which the business community and government agencies can constructively dialogue over complicated business climate issues and other anomalies in the economy that undermine doing business,โ€ Commissioner Nah said.

   Launching the dialogue, the President of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, Cllr. N. Oswald Tweh, described the initiative as a great idea that will help speed up discussions to enhance economic growth. 

    โ€œToday is a fulfilling day for the Liberia Chamber of Commerce because this is what we have been looking forward to. We will use such forum to harness our relationships as business community and government,โ€ Cllr. Tweh stated.

   He praised the LRA for initiating the launch of the dialogue that will help build a strong partnership between and amongst business stakeholders and government in addressing the challenges facing the business climate.

   The Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Molewuleh B. Gray, described the launch of the BCD as a great step towards promoting frank and healthy discussions on challenges confronting public and private sector actors in order to proffer innovative solutions to support sustainable investment in Liberia. 

   He said such engagement approach helps provide a more accessible space for players in the business sector to meet and discuss their perspectives and harmonize solutions relevant to increasing investment and economic advancement.  

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