Passport Saga Investigation Report Expected Soon–Min. Kemayah Assures


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., has assured the public that the controversial passport saga investigation report is expected to be released on or before September 2022.

   Minister Kemayah told journalists Thursday, August 11, 2022 at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourismโ€™s regular news briefing that the committee is still working and will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the truth is told to the public.

   His latest disclosure comes following the expiration of previous deadline for the release of the report, which has to some extend brought speculations as well as mixed views in the public surrounding the investigation.

   But the Foreign Ministry boss assured the public that the committee, headed by Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Administration, Thelma E. Duncan Sawyer, is a credible and transparent committee, and is working very hard around the clock to complete the investigation.

   The committee, he emphasized, is balanced with the workers association of the Foreign Ministry forming a part, as well as the Justice Minister and the National Security Agency.

   โ€œCurrently, he pointed out that the investigation is at a point where discussions are on-going, aimed at getting responses through questions and answers from the main person of interest, Sheik Basirou Kante,โ€ Minister Kemayah added.

   โ€œWe are investigating the allegation that one of our privileged documents, diplomatic passport, was allegedly found in the possession of him; as such, we need the person of interest to also answer some questions,โ€ Minister Kemayah disclosed.

   According to him, if they succeed in getting the person of interest, they will conclude with the investigation soon and submit the report to President George Weah.

   The US government, he disclosed, is conducting its own investigation surrounding the situation as well.

   He at the same time informed the media that other related issues that will be revealed in the investigation report will also be submitted, as well, to President Weah.

   โ€œWe have nothing to hide, and the Truth, following the completion of the investigation will be told,โ€ he emphasized.

   The Dean of the cabinet highlighted the importance of the US governmentโ€™s collaboration in the entire process.

   He commended the US for providing technical assistance to the investigation.

   In June 2022, he stated, experts from the USA with expertise and skills in the examination of documents or fraudulent documents came into the country, and are assisting the process. He assured that it is certain that, with the level of collaboration, the report might be release on or before September 2022.

   It can be recalled that on May 10, 2022 President George Weah instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to investigate circumstances surrounding the discovery of a diplomatic passport allegedly found with a certain Sheik Basirou Kante following a special operation conducted by personnel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the USA.

   Since the setting up of the committee followed by work up till press time, the public has been interested in knowing what really happened. Minister Kemayah has told reporters that the truth will be revealed soon, as they have nothing to hide.

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