Pleebo Sodoken Residents Threaten To Boycott Run-Off Election If…


Thousands of Liberians who fled the voting center in Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, during the October 10 election when the traditional practice of  the “country devil” came out and elders reportedly used the opportunity to mark ballots for citizens, say they will not vote in the November 14 run-off election if the matter, which prevented women and youth from voting, is not properly resolved. They said this action by some individuals excluded women from voting by obstructing them from coming out of their homes.

   Speaking on behalf of the disenchanted citizens of Pleebo’s district #2, the head of the group, Ruth Gboe said women and youth say that they will not vote in the presidential run-off election on November 14 because it will have little or no relevance to them since they did not vote for their lawmaker without fear or intimidation.

   They said if the National Elections Commission (NEC) cannot hold a free and fair election in Pleebo Sodoken District, like they did in Nimba County a week ago, then they will not vote on November 14, as they have resolved to stay home because it is an indication that no one cares about their Constitutional right. 

   Speaking to a few women in Pleebo, they said because of the way things are handled they are not sure if the “country devil” will not come out again on November 14, and since nothing is being done to assure them that such will not happen again they will simply remain in their homes on November 14 so that they do not get hurt. They said many young people got hurt on election day and some of them, particularly women, are still afraid for their lives. They said the “country devil” coming out is not a joke matter.  
   Election fever is gripping the battered capital, Monrovia, ahead of the just-ended October 10 election, which put former Vice President Joseph Boakai and President George Weah in a run-off election, with each candidate obtaining 43% of the votes.

   It can be recalled that during the October 10 representative election in Pleebo District, New Jerusalen, it was reported that there was a disruption which was characterized by traditional conspiracy which brough about the “country devil”, referred to as the “masked devil”, to disrupt the process. The supporters of House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers have vehemently opposed this, calling for a re-run of the election.

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