“Put An End To On-going Election Violence”; Senatorial Candidate Sheriff Calls On NEC


Montserrado County’s senatorial candidate, Ayouba S. Sheriff, is calling on the National Elections Commission (NEC) to quickly put an end to the continued election violence in the campaign process leading to the conduct of the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections. 

     Sheriff highlighted that he is making the call to NEC after careful observation of the continued violent that is going on among supporters of two of the leading political parties, CDC and Unity Party, which he described as a serious setback for the election process.

   He explained that violence would not change the mind of each of the respective party’s supporters to vote for the opposite side, but would rather give them more zeal to remain vigilant of their party candidates until they vote them into power, so officials of the two sides need to intervene and quickly stop their supporters from getting involved in election violence.

   Sheriff said, “I’m a registered candidate for the senatorial seat of Montserrado County, and my campaign photos have several times been torn down from wheresoever they were placed, but that didn’t make me or any of my supporters to get into confusion with any of the people who have several times torn my posters down but rather gave more zeal to my supporters to maintain their support on my side, and I want for others to follow the good example of my supporters so that we all can stop the violence in the election process.”

   When it comes to his plan for development of the people of Montserrado County, Sheriff named sanitation and agriculture as two of his main focus points because he believes the two areas are always at the center of development in every country of the world.

   He underscored that Liberia is among the world’s blessed countries in the area of agriculture because there is always sunshine doing the rainy season and there is always rain during the dry season, but observed that as Liberians they all have failed to put into place agriculture development which has become a serious setback for the country and it citizens.

   “If I’m to win the senatorial seat of Montserrado County two of my main concentrations would be on sanitation and agriculture, because our country’s capital city, Monrovia, is now counted among the dirtiest cities in West Africa—all because those of our people that are in power or have the financial power don’t know what step to take to carry out sanitation for the common growth of our society. But let me make it clear to my fellow Liberians that sanitation is money-making business, and if I’m to win the senatorial seat of Montserrado County I will surely help to reposition Monrovia among the most clean cities of West Africa,” Sheriff explained. 

   In the area of agriculture, the senatorial aspirant promised to take agriculture to all government high schools in the 17 districts of Montserrado County, not with support from his pocket but from the government’s budget, and also promised to help government provide more scholarships for needed students in all areas of studies.

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