Rep. Koiwood Empowers Gbarpolu Citizens


Representative Alfred G. Koiwood-sponsored skill training school has graduated another batch of students in the areas of soap making, carting and tie-dyeing.

   The Gbarpolu County lawmaker started the project in February 2022 and put out the first graduates on July 9, 2022 in Kpanta town, Gou-Muolalai Town.

   The CDC lawmaker told the Hot Pepper recently that initiative was his way of helping to empower his citizens in Gbarpolu County.

   Representative Koiwood explained that if the citizens have skills, they are in the capacity to contribute to the rebuilding process of the county and Liberia at large.

   The skills training program is done in four phases, with a duration of four months for each cycle.

   According to him, the citizens of Borlia Town, Gou-Moulalai, have also benefited from the skills training program since it started operation in Gbarpolu County.

   Representative Koiwood further explained that citizens of Kpayeawelleh Town in Gou-Moulalai have as well benefited from the skills training program.

   The CDC lawmaker informed the public that it is his dream and aspiration to take the program to other parts of the county.

   The skills training program is being done in partnership with Representative Alfred G. Koiwood and in collaboration with the Bekegai Vocational School, Kakata, Margibi County.

   Upon graduation from the program, the lawmaker provided to the graduates US$5,000 as starter kit to help them begin their career.

   The participants of the program lauded the CDC lawmaker for the gesture and prayed that the Almighty God continuous to bless him in his political activities.

   For his part, Student Moses Flomo informed the public that it is only Representative Koiwood who has undertaken such a venture in the history of Gbarpolu County. He appealed to the lawmaker to extend the skill-training program to the six administrative districts of Gbarpolu County. He lauded the lawmaker for donating over six hundred (600) mattresses to clinics and hospitals in Gbarpolu County in 2019.

   According to him, Representative Koiwood also did very well by opening additional clinics in Moliaquelleh and Forkpah towns, Bokomu District.

   He used the occasion to appeal to the lawmaker to open another driving school in Morquuelleh Town so that the citizens of Bokomu and Gou-Mwolalai can benefit from the same opportunity.

   Meanwhile, student Moses Zimah has said that, because of the good work the lawmaker is doing for them, come 2023’s presidential and general elections they will make sure they elect him as the next Senator of Gbarpolu County.

   The total cost of Representative Alfred G. Koiwood-sponsored skill training program is about L$5 million.

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