Respect Liberian Traditionists


–Candidate Weawea Urges

Bong County’s electoral district #4 candidate, Solomon Weawea Jr., has urged Liberians and government officials to respect traditionists in the country. Candidate Weawea stated that the lack of respect and honor for traditionists is undermining the blessing that God has for Liberia.

   The Bong County electoral district #4 candidate made the statement recently in Naama, Bong County.

   According to him, there is two countries in the world which have been extremely blessed, America and Liberia, but Liberia and Liberians are not using the principle to actualize the blessing as a result of the neglecting the traditionists which Christians and Muslims met on the land before declaration of independence of Liberia.

   He noted that America and Americans are reaping the blessing as a result of maintaining the integrity of their tradition and traditionists’ respect and honor.

   Candidate Weawea underscored that the people who founded America came from Europe, but they met the Red Indians in the land, which has been respected and honored over the years, from the American leadership to the ordinary American.

   He explained that Liberia was also founded by people from America who came with Christianity, but they met the traditionists, who have been neglected and abused by the Liberian leadership and ordinary Liberians over the years; as a result, Liberia has found it difficult to develop and enjoy its riches.

   He asserted that the traditionists should be fully recognized and respected in the governance system to ensure that things are done rightly in the interest of the people and nation, and not just Christians and Muslims.

   Candidate Weawea maintained that if he is elected to the 55th Legislative he will champion the plight of traditionists in the country, noting that the traditionists do not have decent headquarters buildings across the nation.

   Meanwhile, the Spokesperson of the people of Naama, Deanna Dolobah, said the elders, youth and women of Naama in district #4 have acknowledged Weawea’s good work toward the growth and development the people and the community has decided to support him to be their next representative at the National Legislature.

   According to Dolobah, although Weawea has interacted with his people in the district over the years, this time they believe that he has the capacity and ability to champion their plight at the Capitol Building, noting that district #4, Bong County, needs development transformation.

   She emphasized that the people of the district are prepared to overwhelmingly elect Weawea come October 10, 2023 at the ballot box with.

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