Rev. Weagba Seeboe Differs With Pres. Weah’s Critics


Sinoe Politician, Rev. A Weagba Seeboe, says he differs with critiques of President George Manneh Weah’s recent State-of-the-Nation Address, delivered at the Capitol in Monrovia.

   Reverend Seeboe said there is nothing absolutely in the speech to warrant the level of condemnation and criticism that followed the two-hour presentation.

   The one-time candidate in Sinoe County’s legislative election maintained that the President should be applauded for the revelation concerning progress made in developing the country since he came to power in 2018.

   Rev. Seeboe indicated that the speech revealed, among other things, significant progress in making Liberia accessible through the construction of major highways that will, in future, boost the economy.

   He underscored that critiques must see the pavement of Gbarnga-Mandikorma, Tapitta-Zwedru and Gbarpolu highways, contained in the speech, as a major breakthrough for one of Africa’s poorest nation and stop bad-mouthing the leader who is leading the effort.

   The outspoken politician disclosed that what President George Manneh Weah is doing now should have been done a hundred years back when the country was rich in mineral and other natural resources, but emphasized that leaders at the time cared less about development of the nation.

   He added that, as such, flower must be given to the leader for his farsightedness and concern for the country and its people, in a relatively short period of time.

   Reverend Weagba Seeboe also welcomed the gradual push toward revamping the economy, and appealed for the empowerment of local businesses to buttress the effort.

   The Sinoe politician, who is also an international trade expert, said the economy will do well if the President offers Liberian-own businesses the opportunity to provide services such as destination inspection, cargo tracking, and other services currently under taken by foreign companies.

   He emphasized that Med-Tech Scientific and other companies providing these services for the country are not better than Liberian companies that are trained to do just that.

   The Reverend indicated that, to the contrary, these foreign companies are responsible for the increase in port charges, which is making the clearing of containers difficult at the various ports and, consequently, the surge in the price of basic goods on the market.

   On the failure of the speech to include development in Sinoe County, the Reverend said he holds the county’s legislative caucus responsible for the oversight as caucus members wasted time on fighting one another instead of pleading with the leader to undertake meaningful development projects in their county.

   He appealed to the Sinoe Legislative Caucus to put aside their political differences and hold together for development and transformation, in line with the warning of President Weah.

    The politician disclosed that President George Manneh Weah had earlier warned Sinoean to end their differences and stand together as one if development is to be prioritized under his leadership.

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