Rice Importers Association Dispels Rumor; Sets Record Straight

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The Rice Importers Association of Liberia says its attention has been drawn to rumor circulating in some quarters of the society, alleging that rice importers are obliging customers to buy other commodities from them before being allowed to buy rice.

   “We would like to make it emphatically clear that at no time in any of our stores has anyone asked a customer to buy other commodities, like oil, onion, mayonnaise, sardine, etc., before we serve them rice,” the Rice Importers Association clarified in a press release.

   “We are surely aware that rice is the staple food in this country, and is a commodity no one will want to play with,” the Rice Importers Association acknowledged.

   Meanwhile, the Rice Importers Association has urged those spreading such rumor to desist, as it is not in the common interest of the Liberian people.

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