Salala Rubber Corporation Shuts Down; To Pay End-Of-Service Compensation


The Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), Bong County, has announced the closure of the company’s operation due to the recent illegal and violent strike action carried out by employees of the company, assuring to pay end-of-service compensation, in keeping with applicable laws.

   On Thursday, June 27, 2024, protesting workers, mainly tappers of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), resulted to violence against the company for not paying their wages for about five months. The protest was characterized by arson attack and looting. The General Manager of the plantation, Ajith Kumar (an Indian national), was said to have narrowly escaped the protest scene unharmed.

   General Manager Kumar was held hostage by the aggrieved protesters, who demanded that he leaves the company’s premises because of alleged bad leadership.

   The striking workers forcefully entered the company’s main factory in Weala and set the administrative offices, including the home of the Plantation Manager, Sangeeth Sathyan, and his assigned vehicle, ablaze.

   In a closure notice issued on Saturday, June 29, 2024, the SRC management said, “In the wake of the recent illegal and violent strike action carried out by employees, in particular, on Thursday, June 27, 2024, which led to the manhandling of senior personnel and staff, especially the General Manager and one of the company’s plantation superintendent, issuing of death threats, as well as the wanton destruction of company  properties by burning of senior staff residential units, the plantation manager’s vehicle, smashing offices, setting fire to offices and looting, etc., management hereby informs that the operation of the company is closed with immediate effect until otherwise decided.

   “Meanwhile, management informs all employees that the company will pay appropriate end-of-service compensation, in keeping with applicable laws.”

   Meanwhile, the abrupt closure of the SRC is expected to leave over 2,500 direct and indirect employees jobless, with further stress on the Boakai administration.

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