Sen. Brown Appeals For More Budgetary Support For Tubman University

Sen. J. Gbleh Bo Brown

Maryland County Senator, J. Gbleh Bo Brown, is appealing to members of the Budget Committee of the National Legislature to allot more budgetary support for the Tubman University (TU) in order to enable the institution to settle problems it faces.

   The Maryland County Senator informed members of the Budget Committee that it is vital that they see reason to do so. He told members of the Budget Committee on Monday, September 14, 2020 at the TU budget hearing in the joint chamber of the National Legislature that, due to the current budget constraint the institution is faced with, it is indebted to many businesses in the county.

   Senator Brown informed members of the committee that some businesses the institution is indebted to have threated to take them to court, as he was told by the President of the university during one of his recent visits to the county. He indicated that students from other counties around the country are also attending the Tubman University in Maryland County.

   According to him, the issue at hand is not just about the Tubman University but a national issue that needs the attention of all stakeholders.

   Senator Brown emphasized that the university is seriously challenged budgetary wise, disclosing that currently TU has only one utility vehicle, which he said is also hampering the operation of the institution.

   According to him, the free education policy introduced by government is good, but needs to be supported before it comes to reality.

   Emmanuel Y. Hammer, Associate Vice President for Finance at the Tubman University, told members of the Budget Committee that they are financially constrained. According to him, the university has no other source of getting money to help run its affairs.

   The TU Associate Vice President for Finance told members of the Budget Committee that it was the little fees they collected from students that helped the institution in the past.    Meanwhile, a three-man committee was set up to keenly look into the Tubman University budgetary issue: Representative Francis S. Dopoh (River Gee County), Chairman; Representative George S. Boley (Grand Gedeh County), Co-Chairman; and Senator Peter Conman, (Grand Kru County), member.

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