Setting Off To Grow: ArcelorMital Workforce Prepares for Phase II Expansion


As activities for ArcelorMittalโ€™s Lberian Phase Two Expansion gradually unfold in Bassa in Nimba counties, the companyโ€™s workforce seems to be flowing along the same path.

   A good number of key staffs, including leaders in the Corporate Services Department (CSD) and heads of divisions and sections last week converged in Ganta, Nimba County, for a three-day team retreat.

   Acting CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Adriaan Strydom, challenged employees at the retreat to step up efforts and get in readiness for the massive opportunities being provided by the Phase Two expansion project, as well as the changes that are being made.

   Acting CEO Strydom recognized the contributions of the Corporate Services Department to the operation and the success of the business, saying the support service carried out by the department is a โ€œhugely important part of the Phase II expansion planโ€.

   He urged staffs of the CSD and ArcelorMittal Liberia to reflect on the difference and contributions they can make because, according to him, each of them has a role to play but would need to adapt to the level of transformation taking place.

      According to report, the retreat generated great discussions, ideas, plans and strategies on enhancing the efficiency of the Corporate Services Department, which are ranged to the goals of the Phase Two expansion project.

   The retreat also served as an opportunity to get away and take some much-needed time to reflect, reassess and re-strategize as a team toward achieving goals in the interest of the company.

   As agreed with the Government of Liberia (GOL), ArcelorMittal Liberia is expanding to its second phase of production with a target of 15mtpa per annual.

   Several vessels are expected to dock at the Buchanan Port in coming weeks to deliver materials for the project, following the first voyage, mid this month.

   The vessel, Breadbox, according to AML Phase Two project Logistics Manager, Amos Reeves, will ship more than 4,000 rails to Buchanan, from Spain, and load for shipment to South Africa a consignment of logistics equipment, meant for the project, to South Africa, for repair and reshipment to Liberia.

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