Teddy Ride Named Brand Ambassador For Orange Money–Fans Characterize It A “A Great Day For Liberia’s Music Industry”


Some of the biggest names in Liberia’s entertainment industry flocked to Orange Liberia’s headquarters on Capitol By-Pass over the weekend to witness the official ceremony naming Teddy Ride as Brand Ambassador for both Orange Liberia and Orange Money Liberia.

   Orange Liberia and Orange Money’s Chief Executive Officer, Jean Marius Yao, expressed excitement that his company was signing a Liberian artist as its Brand Ambassador.  He explained that, although Orange could have selected a Brand Ambassador from anywhere in the world, it had instead opted to give the opportunity to a talented Liberian musician. “We could have taken a celebrity from anywhere, but we chose to select from local talents. This is part of Orange Liberia’s effort to give back to society. Orange is not only in Liberia for business, but to give back to society,” said Yao.

   Yao went on to explain that from the moment he heard Teddy Ride’s music several months ago he has been convinced that the Liberian artist had what it takes to become an international superstar.  “Whenever I listen to Teddy Ride’s music, I am amazed, and through this partnership I see a lot of good things happening for him; not just in Liberia but globally,” Yao said. He also recognized and appreciated Teddy Ride for the humility and grace he exemplified while traveling with the Orange Money Team on its rural Liberian tour.  “Even when we got stuck in the mud on the road, Teddy Ride was always the first one trying to find a solution.  This is a mark of true greatness,” Yao reflected.

   Formally accepting the position as Brand Ambassador, Teddy Ride began by honoring the legacy of former Orange Liberia employee and popular radio personality, Prince “Warrengeso” Kromah, whom Teddy Ride said had played an important role in linking and keeping him connected with Orange Liberia.  Teddy Ride noted that not only was he excited for the opportunity to serve as Orange Money’s Brand Ambassador, but also recognized that he now had an important duty to promote the brand across Liberia.  He proudly announced, amidst applause, “Knowing Teddy Ride is the biggest artist with the current number one song, I am not going to rest in my promotion of Orange Money.  I will push Orange Money until it becomes a common noun in Liberia.”

   Important and influential members of the Liberian music industry also offered statements of support for the signing ceremony. Renowned Liberian Disk Jockeys, DJ Blue and DJ Asaboi, hailed the signing of Teddy Ride, stating emphatically that Orange Money did not make a mistake by the decision.  They also encouraged other Liberian companies to follow suit. The agreement between Orange Money and Teddy Ride takes immediate effect.

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