“The Risky Mission: A Naked Desperation For Chance, Not Change”; Koijee Claims


Jefferson Tamba Koijee, the Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has contended that the Unity Party (UP) government is a risky mission for chance and not change. Koijee said the excesses in the early stage of the UP administration clearly shows that the entire mission was a desperate operation and not one meant to change the lives of struggling Liberians.

  According to the CDC Chief Scribe, the deaths of several individuals from Bea Mountain, AFL and other places only show how UP is not about a single change for any difference. “How can you murder people in cold blood and refuse to bring perpetrators to book, but continue on a spree that is devilish?” Koijee wondered. “It’s all a desperation. When the President wakes up every morning, instead of thinking about changing lives he only thinks about appointing thousands of desperate UPists,” Koijee claimed.

  He alleged that, as part of the desperation the Vice President is sending over twenty-five names as consultants to the Civil Service Agency (CSA), among many other excesses. “The Liberian people cannot trust such a move of a desperate group of hustlers bent on fetching for themselves better livelihood instead of supporting the masses. Prices have skyrocketed, economy is horrible and life remains unbearable, while UPists in high places keep striking deals only at their benefits,” he intimated.

  Secretary General Koijee maintained that the Liberian people voted basically for chance—for these UPists—rather than any change, and this is regrettable.

“It’s time to stand up for real change,” he said. “The reawakening moment is not far away, when the people who were duped to remain in their current state will reverse this nightmare that we all are engulfed in as a nation and people.”

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