TSA General Challenges Salvationists To Receive New Heads Of Mission With Open Hearts


The General of the Salvation Army based in the United Kingdom, Brian Peddle, has challenged Salvationists in the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command to receive their new heads of mission with peace, love and full support to the work of God’s Kingdom on earth.

   Speaking through a written communication, which was read during the induction ceremony of Lt. Cols. Luka and Rosoa Khayumbi by Commissioner Tracey Kasuso, General Peddle noted that both leaders are qualified to serve as Head of Mission of the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command.

   According to General Peddle’s communication, Lt. Cols. Luka and Rosoa Khayumbi have demonstrated a high level of commitment from various areas of assignment around the world where they previously served, before their appointment to the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command.

   On the other hand, the Salvation Army General also cautioned the new heads of mission of the Command to always work beyond the call of duty in serving God and saving humanity and recruiting more disciples for the advancement of the work of God on earth.

   Speaking earlier before the reading the General’s message to the peoples of the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command, the Instilling officer Commissioner, Daniel Kasuso, of the Nigeria Territory, disclosed that God has blessed the command with good leaders.

   According to Commissioner Kasuso, Lieutenant-Colonels Luka and Rosoa Khayumbi have worked as officers of the Salvation Army international world for the past twenty-eight years, and that their experiences will bring great improvement to the command.

   The Nigeria Territory Commander also challenged Salvationists of the command to support the leadership in order to leave from the position of Command to Territory, underscoring that the Salvation Army has stayed too long in Liberia to still be at a Command level at this time.

   He further cautioned members of the Salvation Army in the Liberia, Sierra and Guinea Command to work as a team if they are to realize their dream of becoming a Territory. He stated that only hard work and togetherness can bring change or upward movement in any organization, bringing benefits to all its members.

   In response, Lt. Colonel Rosoa Khayumbi disclosed that God did not make a mistake for their appointment by the General of the Salvation Army to serve the Liberia Command because, according to her, they are now feeling at home and happy to make a new family in Liberia, the sweet land of liberty.

   They called for the cooperation of all members, both young and old, noting in the work of God everyone’s contribution is important for the upward movement of the work of the Salvation Army in the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command.

   Before concluding her message, Lt. Col. Rosoa Khayumbi described the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command as one big forest that includes the educated, the uneducated and the big and small, who have different ways of seeing things and taking care of things but at the end everyone is equally important in their area of assignments.

   The Command’s President for Women Ministries concluded by calling on everyone, including officers, local officers, soldiers and friends of the Salvation Army, to work in unity for the common good of the Salvation Army and do away with thing things that have the propensity of bringing setback in the work of God.

   At the same time, the Officer Commanding (Bishop) of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command, Lt. Col. Luka Khayumbi, urged Salvationists of the Command to move from their firm position if they are to receive the blessing of God.

   According Lt. Col. Khayumbi, there are things that some members are holding fast to which have been stopping them from serving God in the right direction. “Do not allow the Lord Jesus Christ to pass you by,” he cautioned them.

   The program, which brought together several hundreds of Salvationists from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, students and teachers of the TSA School System and visitors, was held at Salvation Army William Booth Compound on the Pipeline Road in Paynesville.

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