ULAA Interim Leadership Finally Sworn In For 90 Days


Following the cancellation of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas’ election, held on September 16, 2023 in the United States of America, the National Board of Directors, guided by Chapter XXIII Article 7 of the union’s constitution, has authorized the board to appoint an interim leadership to run the affairs of ULAA for ninety (90) consecutive days.

   Following the appointment of the interim leadership by members of the National Board of Directors, they were sworn into office on October 29, 2023 afternoon hours at ULAA headquarters in America.

   The induction ceremony of ULAA Interim leaders served as the 3rd interim leadership in ULAA’s history.

   The occasion was well attended by chapter representatives, members of the National Board of Directors, among others.

   Stakeholders who attended the induction ceremony signed the terms of reference for the interim leadership.

   The interim leadership consists of Anthony Kpaye, Interim President; Rev. Philip Blamo, Interim Vice President; and Jeremiah Chea, Interim Secretary General.

   As the interim leaders take over, many Liberians at home and abroad believe that the image of ULAA has been restored, with some of them congratulating the National Board of Directors Chairman, Alfred Sieh, and his leadership team for handling ULAA constitutional crisis professionally.

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