Western Cluster Constructs Two Bridges In Bomi County


Western Clusters Limited (WCL) has already constructed two key bridges in Bomi County at the Klay intersection and Guie Town, as a part of its community development initiative. Construction of these bridges has helped in the improvement of road safety and transport infrastructure for the communities in Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount counties. Several residents and district officials have expressed appreciation to Western Cluster Limited (WCL) for this road infrastructure development work. These two bridges supported smooth movement of the traffic on Tubmanburg to Freeport of Monrovia Road.

   Klay Township Commissioner, Sarah Karnely, expressed thanks to WCL, and mentioned that she and her people in the town are grateful to Western Cluster for reconstructing the bridge.

   She said, “I wish to thank you for the construction of the bridge. It is of great benefit to us, not only the county and the district, but the whole country. The bridge is of immense help to us because I could remember, normal days, they had palm logs on that bridge and some people used to have accidents there.”

   She continued, “Even when people used to walk on the bridge the palm used to hurt them, but since the bridge is reconstructed it has been of a great help to us.  We have something good now to walk on. Sometimes, on normal days, the water used to overflow until it would cover the bridge, and by then people would not be able to cross with goods to come with them to the market.”

  The same was attested to by Sando Dawakai, a motorcyclist on the Klay Tubmanburg Road. 

   Alex Neh, Motorcyclist from Guie’s Town, commended Western Cluster for constructing the bridge, which he said has brought relief to the bridge users.

   “This bridge was constructed by Western Cluster. When Western Cluster has not constructed this bridge, we had an iron bridge here. During rains it used to be slippery, which was unsafe. We had three persons that died on this bridge here. The bridge was also very narrow, but now, as you can see you can move in and out. The bridge is with concrete, and since then we have not experienced any accident.”

   Massa Johnson, Chairlady for Guies’ Town, said, “The bridge… in 1990 the people laid some things on it.  It was bad at that time. Before that time, when it rained the water could overflow and come near the town. Some of us were by the water vein and started to pack our things to get outside. When Western Cluster came, they tried their best, and today it is all right now. When water overflow it cannot affect us anymore. We tell Western Cluster thank you. Cars are running on the bridge now.”

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