Where Are The India-Donated NTA Buses?–Sen. Sogbie Alarms


River Gee County Senator, Jonathan Boye Charles Sogbie, has alarmed the disappearance of the National Transit Authority buses from the main streets of Monrovia.

   Raising the red flag before the Senate’s plenary during Tuesday’s regular session of that august body on Capitol Hill, Jonathan Sogbie disclosed that the NTA, as an institution, is charged with the responsibility of providing affordable transport service for the citizens.

   He recounted that it was based on this responsibility of the government’s entity that the people and government of India provided Liberia 45 brand new buses to ease the high cost of transportation.

   But the River Gee County Senator said it has been several months that the buses have disappeared from the streets of the nation’s capital—without an update from the National Transit Authority about their whereabouts.

   Senator Sogbie noted that the unavailability of the buses is causing inconvenience for students, struggling mothers and fathers, thus compelling them to wait and fight under the rain and sun for tricycles, motorbikes or taxi cabs to get to their destination.

   He therefore called on the leadership of the Liberian Senate to probe the matter as it his concern to curb the burden of transportation and bring relief to the citizens.

   Also speaking, Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, termed the concern of his legislative colleague as grave and should, therefore, be referred to the Senate Committee on Transport to report back to plenary for appropriate action.

   Senator Dillon claimed that those in authority at the National Transit Authority are too cold and with poor managerial skills to properly ensure the effective operation of that public entity.

   Meanwhile, the matter has been forwarded to the Senate Committee on Transport to report back to plenary on Thursday of next week.

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