“A Need To Liberate Liberia From Bad Apples”; African Liberian League’s SG Says


The Secretary General of the African Liberation League (ALL), Carlos Tingban Edison, says there is a need to liberate Liberia from the bad Apples.

   Speaking during a press conference on Monday, June 5, 2023 in Monrovia, the leadership of the African Liberation League recognized the country and other progressive development partner’s meaningful contributions to maintaining stability and enhancing development, and “we will not allow anyone to undermine such gain by institutions of any selfish diabolical political machinations”.

   Carlos Tingban Edison said eight months ago a group of determined young Liberians desired to embark on a challenging revolutionary journey to build a more vibrant political institution that serves as a hope to all.

   According to him, ALL was not achieved for the sake of party proliferation to satisfy the selfish interests of a few political crooks whose sole desire is to attain wealth through primitive accumulation using the formation of political parties, but “to collect the broken pieces of our country destroyed by the shackles of ultra greed, lack of patriotism and rule of law, to rebuild a more prosperous nation for all human rights and the rule of law and accountability, among others, serving as its indestructible, most cherished and responsible values”.

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