Health Sector Leaders Entreat Senate To Review Public Health Law


The President of the Liberian Nurses Association (LNA), Benjamin O. Suamey, and the President of the Physician Assistant Association of Liberia, Theophilus Fayiah, have called on the Liberian Senate to review the TOR aspects of the new Public Health Law when it comes to the position of County Health Director in the new bill.

   The new Public Health legal instrument was passed by the House of Representatives and is seeking concurrence with the Liberian Senate. The new law talks about lots of issues, ranging from legalizing abortion, regulations to nutrition and county leadership.

   These sections in the draft law are raising serious concerns between the medical doctors, physician assistants and nurses as to whom should spearhead the position before it passes at the Senate.

   The Liberian Senate had a heated argument amongst stakeholders in the medical field as to whom should spearhead the position. The Senate, in its wisdom, deemed it necessary to call all parties involved on Thursday to find a remedy into their concerns raised.

   Predicted upon the Senate’s decision, the Hot Pepper decided to talk with those rising concerns on the issue.

   According to Fayiah, the opinions from the medical doctors are selfish and they are seeking their own interests. He said doctors have been given lots of positions, ranging head of hospitals, Chief Medical Officer, among others position in Liberia. He said the sector consists of two components: curability and prevention. Fayiah noted that the health sector is comprised of laboratory, X-ray technician, midwife, nurses, pharmacy, among others technicians. According to him, the new tile within the new Public Health Law is an opening for medical partitioners with vast experience in other disciplines. He ended as saying the law does not in any way undermine the function of doctors.

   For his part, Benjamin O. Suamey, LNA President, buttressed the statements made by his colleague. He said he wants the Senate to pay key attention to the County Health Director position. According to him, this clause in the law is their interest.

   Suamey said the TOR does not in any way relate to doctors’ function. He said the law is clear about a licensed clinician and not doctor at that position.

   The LNA President is at the same time commending the crafting of the new Public Health Law. He said its intention is in the interest of Liberia.

   “There are lots of medical pratitioners who have obtained various degrees in different studies, and must be given the opportunity to serve their country,” he indicated. He is at the same time calling on members of the Liberian Senate to use the Physician Assistant curriculum.

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