ArcelorMittal To Employ 700 Community Members, Enhance Rail Security


In a recent interview with ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Community Relations Manager, Vaanii Kiazolu, exciting developments were unveiled regarding a new project aimed at reducing theft and providing employment for local communities.

ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML), a prominent player in the country’s mining and steel industry, is taking proactive steps to contribute to community safety and economic growth.

Kiazolu stated, “Right now, ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) is piloting a project that will do two things: make sure that we reduce theft along the road and provide employment for the community.”

The project involves the division of the entire rail from Buchanan to Yekepa into 24 clusters, each spanning 10 kilometers.

Within each of these 10-kilometer segments, Kiazolu explained, “we want to bring on board about 30 community volunteers. So, if you took 30 and multiplied it by the 24 clusters, imagine we will be employing about 700 people that will be able to get income.”

He emphasized that this initiative is not tied to a person’s educational background or qualification; it is about community security for the rail assets and has already been piloted in Grand Bassa County, with operation concluding in September.

Kiazolu stated, “Recruitment is on-going in Bong and Nimba counties, so I am sure right after the election those people will be put to work as well.”

The expansion promises to offer employment opportunities and boost community security in the region.

In addition to community volunteers, ArcelorMittal Liberia is collaborating closely with traditional leaders within each cluster.

Kiazolu noted, “In each of those clusters, we are working with two traditional leaders who will guide them in line with tradition so that the rail is protected.”

The overarching message from ArcelorMittal Liberia is that the company is experiencing growth and broadening its influence. Kiazolu emphasized. “So the message should go out there that ArcelorMittal is growing. We are increasing our footprint, so it should be a welcoming idea for the whole of Liberia because it will be able to increase what comes into our economy and it will help to put some money in the economy,” he stated.

The project holds immense significance for both local communities and Liberia as a whole. By addressing theft and enhancing security along the crucial Buchanan-to-Yekepa road ensures the uninterrupted flow of resources. This, in turn, has a direct positive impact on the economy.

Moreover, the employment opportunities created through this initiative offer a lifeline to communities, particularly in rural areas. With no educational or qualification requirements, this project opens doors for a wide range of individuals, providing them with a source of income.

As ArcelorMittal Liberia continues to forge its path in the country, the project serves as a prime example of corporate responsibility. It not only addresses security concerns but also contributes to job creation and economic growth in local areas. It signifies the company’s commitment to investing in Liberia’s future, fostering a brighter tomorrow for its citizens and bolstering its overall development.

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