T. Philip Massaquoi, Author

Crocrogee is the main ingredient for chaos in any given democracy. It happened in Madagascar and Liberia; it is happening in Belarus; it is taking shape in next door Guinea and approaching boiling point in Ivory Coast where anger has defeated fear. Their election was tempered with again—a symptom of crocrogee.

Fellow Liberians, haven’t we learned our lesson—from the days of Chairman Emmette Harmon, Jackson F. Doe and Samuel K. Doe? This has cost us to reach the “100 years club” on the negative level. It is better to let go a seat than to lose the three-legged table: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

I rest my case with these final words: parents, talk to your children; children, listen to your parents. No matter how big and powerful your guns may be, just remember one thing: when anger defeats fear, only love conquers hate. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Written by T. Philip Massaquoi
2017 Representative Aspirant

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