CDC Frowns At UL’s Request For Graduation Fee; Says It Undermines Tuition-Free Policy


The Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has frowned on the authorities of the University of Liberia (UL) requesting students to pay graduation fees, noting that the essence of paying graduation fees at the state-run university undermines the free tuition policy of President George Weah.

   Jefferson Koijee lamented that the CDC is a party of the masses, and cannot in any way sit and allow some elements of the government to suppress the already suffering people of Liberia. 

   According to him, the leaders of the party have sent a communication to the President, and the Ministry of Education as well, to get rid of paying money toward any situation at the University of Liberia (UL).

   He said he noticed that the administration of the University of Liberia is charging graduates US$375 for their graduation, condemning the action to the highest degree.

   In a related development, the Mayor of Monrovia, Koijee, has vowed to resign as Mayor if the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spoon Group of Companies, Stanton Witherspoon, shows proof of his passport that he reserves all rights to travel throughout the United States or other parts of the country.

   He said the CEO of Spoon Network was indicted in the United States on nine (9) counts of wire fraud in a nursing fraud scandal.

   The Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change alleged that Witherspoon is an international criminal, whose actions have affected the lives of many people.  

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