Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court, Francis Korkpor, Has No Political Inclination

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QUITE RECENTLY THE US Department of Treasury issued a multiple-count indictment against Senator Cllr. Varney Sherman which, in the right discernment of Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor, casts serious aspersions not only on the integrity and credibility of the counsellor and the judges alluded to in the US Department of Treasury’s report, but also on the Judiciary as an institution responsible for the fair and impartial hearing and disposition of cases. In an attempt to keep the Judiciary as an uncompromised institution, following consultations with the United States embassy near Monrovia the Judiciary issued a statement to the effect that the Judiciary, as an institution, maintains a zero tolerance for bribery and all other form of corruption.

NOW, AGAIN, THE Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has risen to the defense, independence and uncompromised integrity of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Korkpor has made it emphatically clear that he is not a running mate to President George M. Weah in 2023 presidential and general elections, as is being insinuated in the public. He made the statement during the opening address of  the March 8, 2021 term of the Supreme Court.

CHIEF JUSTICE KORKPOR, angry, because of implication any such political move would have for the independence and integrity of the Supreme Court, lamented that it has been reported and widely circulated that he will be the vice presidential running mate to President Weah in 2023, and that his judicial actions and decisions are being influenced by his political inclination.

THE CHIEF JUSTICE made it categorically and emphatically clear that the report is untrue, far-fetched and ludicrous. He indicated that  he stands by all judgments he signs as a Justice of the Court of last resort, and that all his judgments are correct, based on how he understands the facts and applicable laws in every given case. He said he has no doubt that his colleagues do the same.

NAILING THE RUMOR on the head, Chief Justice Korkpor said, “And let me be categorical and state for the record that I have had no talk with President Weah, his political party or any other person or political party concerning my being a vice presidential running mate. And if in the event such offer is made, I will respectfully decline.”

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