Civil Society Group Rubbishes Allegation Against Farmington Hotel’s Boss

Partial View of Farmington Hotel

The Executive Committee of the Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL) has termed as baseless and malicious allegations of physical assault levied against the General Manager of Farmington Hotel, Dominique Virard.

   “Some unscrupulous individuals have, in recent days, been feeding the public with garbage that Mr. Viard beat on a local prostitute at Farmington while the lady was demanding payment for a sexual service rendered a man believed to be a foreign customer of the hotel,” the CSNL said in a press release.

   But the CSNL, in a release issued Wednesday in Monrovia, said its investigation has proven that the allegations against Virard are unfounded and only designed to tarnish his hard-earned reputation and, by extension, the good image of Farmington Hotel, a giant in the hospitality industry of Liberia and the West African region.

   The CSNL release further quoted its Executive Director, Sensee Kiadii as describing Virard as a decent and law-abiding businessman who is contributing to the economic viability of Liberia through the creation of much-needed job opportunities for Liberians.

   Kiadii also termed the allegations against Viard as the work of evil and visionless agents, whose sole intent is to taint the good reputation of Viard and Farmington Hotel, and thereby undermine their meaningful contribution to the growth of the Liberian economy.

   The CSNL Executive Committee has meanwhile admonished all journalists, especially talk show hosts, to always cross-check their facts before releasing information to the public, as in the specific case of Viard and Farmington Hotel.

   The group clarified that Viard recently intervened in a quarrel between some foreign customers and two ladies believed to be sex workers, with the aim of bringing whatever disagreement to an amicable resolution, but committed no physical assault contrary to what is being spewed to the public by some evil geniuses.

   CSNL further maintained that it appreciates the peaceful working environment of Farmington Hotel and its hospitable relationship with local and international customers and partners amidst the current economic challenges Liberia is faced with.

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