District #5 Rep.-Aspirant Raps On Legislative Proceedings


Prescilla Abram Cooper, a tough-talking female representative-aspirant in electoral district #5, Montserrado County, told a huge gathering in the Zone 12 community that it is governmentโ€™s responsibility to provide basic social services for its citizens, as well as create jobs in the public sector in order to improve their livelihood.

    According to Cooper, it is totally unacceptable and in violation of the citizensโ€™ rights to beg elected officials, both in the legislative and Executive branches, for the provision of social services.

   She urged the residents to conduct what she termed as โ€œbackground checkโ€ on individuals seeking elected positions, and make sure they have integrity and are capable of doing the job before electing them.

   She explained that it is the sole prerogative of each lawmaker to make sure policies/laws are made in the interest of their citizens and not their self-centered interest.

   According to her, the days for political rhetoric are long gone, and they as citizens should always be in the vanguard to be a part of decision-making in the district, as they have the Constitutional right under the law to elect and remove elected leaders when they prove unfit after being elected.

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