Editorial: “The Country Stands At The Crossroads”


CONCERNING THE BOAKAI-KOUNG ticket, those who are practicing the new songs could find themselves singing for a sanctioned presidential campaign. The United States Government has made it clear that anyone doing business with any sanctioned official will be treated as sanctioned. Senator Prince Y. Johnson is on the sanctioned list under the Magnitsky Act. He has made it clear that he anointed Koung as his alter ego. As a matter of fact, Senator Johnson announced Koung as Boakai’s running mate before the former Vice President had the chance to make it official.

WHEN REPORTEDLY ASKED if he is willing to have Senator Prince Y. Johnson run the government in the background, Mr. Boakai, an octogenarian experiencing declining heart condition, allegedly responded “I am willing to dance with the devil if that will help me win.” The Boakai Team has not issued a denial of the statement attributed to him since it was published. That decision, to insert the sanctioned and notorious PYJ so close to the Liberian presidency, has raised eyebrows seriously both at home and abroad. For his own protection from prosecution, Prince Johnson has tried several times to be Liberia’s President, an existential dream he has still not abandoned!

FURTHERMORE, CONCERNS HAVE been mounting over Mr. Boakai’s health since he installed a pacemaker four years ago and had to be hospitalized suddenly earlier this year at the ELWA Hospital. There are growing speculations that he needs to travel abroad for a major and overdue medical procedure. Calls are coming up louder for him to come clean with the nation about his health. Of course his supporters hate discussions about this but it’s a disservice to the nation to pretend that we will not be risking the presidency and its difficult duties to someone who excites the likes of PYJ and naturally draws them within reach of the highest office in the country, by fiat!

AS FOR SENATOR Koung, questions are swirling as to how he acquired the 100 earth moving trucks he has leased out to ArcelorMittal to haul their iron ore from the mines. Also, there are questions of him being in the web of financial misconduct  in the “syndicate of Legislature, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Internal Affairs”. He must declare his assets soon and clear the air. He should additionally address the issue of cultism and the selling of human parts. These are harmful traditional practices which government and the international community are fighting to eradicate.

THE COUNTRY STANDS at the crossroads. It must decide if it wants to break with the past and move forward with prosperity for all. It cannot move forward with the Mephistopheles Waltz.

Julius Jaesen, Verbatim

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