Conspiracy Exposed–How Verdier, Witherspoon, Fahngon, Sheik Sackor & Others Conspired To Incriminate Mayor Koijee


Several recordings released over the weekend by lawyers representing Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee have revealed a ploy by several top Liberians based in the United States to link the Head of the Monrovia City Government to several unorthodox happenings across the country.

   On the recordings are voices of former TRC Commissioner, Jerome Verdier, Owner of Spoon Network and indicted felon, Stanton Witherspoon, dismissed NSA Agent, Sheik Sackor, dismissed Deputy LIGIS Director, Alex Williams, dismissed Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon, and MCC Police Director, Thomas Garwo.

   In the recordings, in the possession of the Hot Pepper, the men, in conversation with Director Garwo, concocted a plan to issue the MCC Police Chief an asylum if he revealed sensitive and devilish information on the Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee.

   Verdier and co-conspirators’ key intent as per the recording is to have the Weah-led government destabilized, creating fear and pandemonium and a gloomy outlook of the country on the global scene.

   An insider says the team’s continued characterization of Mayor Koijee negatively is due to his rising influence and youthful exuberance, which project him as the future of the ruling CDC.

   The cartel sits in the US deceiving the Immigration system by falsifying stories that make the Liberian government appear fearsome, terrible and on a manhunt spree for its critics or detractors.

   By their action the US Immigration gets misled into providing asylum to individuals who have been given misleading and unverified information or basically distorted facts by Cllr. Jerome Verdier.

   The team drafted a purported letter of resignation for Director Garwo to sign and requested other documents in Monrovia to validate their evil plan, with the Director giving in to the plans.

   As part of the devilish plan, the team managed to have Director Garwo link the Mayor to happenings at the home of the former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott.

   Already, information available indicates that the Mayor has no knowledge of happenings at the home of the ex-Chief Justice, but the explanation as requested by the team from Garwo was to validate their earlier claim that Jefferson Koijee masterminded the incident using another MCC agent, Varlee Terleh.

   This concocted plan by Jerome Verdier and others comes on the heels of a massive pronouncement on SPOON TV that the Monrovia City Mayor had everything to do with what happened at the home of the ex-Chief Justice.

   Jerome Verdier, it can be recalled, has been on a character assassination spree of Mayor Koijee as far back as the beginning of the government. He has linked Mayor Koijee to being a child soldier, linked him to an affair with his ex-wife, and many other issues that have since been sufficiently debunked by many.

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