In Lofa County: Weah Plays Dangerously In Boakai’s Backyard.


Politics is a dangerous game, and many times the most prepared emerge victorious. With the October 10, 2023 election exactly two weeks ahead, President George M. Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) are proving to be the most prepared, and energetically taking their campaign into the strongholds of their main rivals. 

   A few weeks ago, President Weah attracted a gargantuan crowd in Grand Bassa County, home of the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Charlyne Brumskine, and the Rescue Mother of the Unity Party (UP), Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, with the residents standing under the rain to express their love, support and affirmation for the President’s re-election. 

   Grand Bassa has since appeared to be stuck to their commitment with President Weah, evident by the shambling turnout for the UP campaign rally on Sunday, September 24, 2023.

   President Weah and the CDC have again entered Lofa County, the backyard and once stronghold of Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai and the Unity Party (UP). 

   To the utmost surprise of critics, including Unity Party partisans, President Weah was majestically welcomed by the residents, defying tribal and traditional sentiments to prove their support to the President, whom they claimed has brought enormous development to their county.

   Lofa County is now connected to Bong County by asphalt road pavement, the first of its kind since the foundation of the Republic of Liberia. The county also boasts of several senior government positions in the Weah administration, including the Dean of the Cabinet and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah; Chief of Protocol of the Executive Mansion, Nora Finda Bundoo; Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, and several others. 

   Under President Weah, Voinjama has seen solar electrification and pavement of its main streets, while Foya has seen a modern town hall, a state-of-the-art radio station and market hall. It could be less-argued if the residents claim that their support to the President is due to the tangible development initiatives to the county.

   Salayea, Zorzor and other districts in Lofa turned blue on Monday, with President Weah calling on the residents to look beyond tribalism and vote in the interest of their county, urging the people of Lofa to prioritize lasting development over tribal or county line, as Liberia is for all Liberians, regardless of geographical location. 

   President Weah observed that he hails from Grand Kru County but is fixing Lofa roads and carrying out other development projects in the county because he believes in the development of the entire country and its people.

     He vowed that he will continue with the on-going development of Lofa County and the country at large, and rallied their support for his re-election bid in order to complete his developmental initiatives.

   Thousands of residents turned out to receive the President, dancing, singing and chanting political slogans in support of the re-election of President Weah.

   From the massive turnout in Lofa, political pundits are wondering whether the recent threats from UP leaders are not early signs of defeat. They claimed that it was unimaginable that President Weah and the CDC could wheel such support in Boakai’s backyard, especially with the rivalry between the two parties in recent times.

   They termed President Weah’s political strategy a dangerous play amidst a provoking atmosphere of overwhelmingly winning the 2023 general and presidential elections, possibly in the first round. 

   According to the pundits, President Weah and his entourage will be heading to Nimba County, home of “Rescue godfather”, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, and they await to see the outcome of the trip to project the outcome of the elections.   

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