Judicial Reporters React To Director Nmah’s Statement

Director of Information at Judiciary, Darryl Ambrose Nmah

The Association of Judicial Reporters of Liberia (AJURL), Temple of Justice, has responded to what it terms the barrage of unfounded innuendos levied against the institution and its President, Abednego Davis, on October 20, 2020 and published in the InProfile Daily and other news outlets.

   During a press conference recently, AJURL revealed that several dailies, including the InProfile and Inquirer, published that the Director of Public Information, Temple of Justice, Darryl Ambrose Nmah, is President of the Judiciary Staff Association and under whose guise and manipulation the workers have continued to embarrass the Chief Justice and other Associate Justices with protest of pay cut.

   In the release, AJURL said Director Ambrose Nmah lamented that reporters covering the Judiciary and the Publisher of the Daily Observer would continue to publish stories about the workings of the Supreme Court of Liberia without exercising the professional standards of accuracy, balance and credibility.  

   They said Director Nmah further noted, “The reporter of these stories, Abednego Davis, who is also President of AJURL, has never been physically present during any of the cases and hardly seen around the premises of the Temple of Justice. The unprofessional conduct of reporter Davis has been brought to the attention of the leadership and his colleagues of AJURL, and even to the attention of his boss, Mr. Bai Best, after series of false publications.”

   AJURL condemned Director Nmah’s statement and termed it as false. “We the members of AJURL, in the strongest term, reject the accusation coming from Director Nmah against our President, our individual professional characters and the noble institutions that we represent here at the Temple of Justice.”

   AJURL continued, “At no time did the Public Information Bureau at the Temple of Justice or Director Nmah complain any of our members.”

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