MBH Power Receives Outstanding Award Of The Year

Officials and workers of MBH Power Limited

The Country Head of MBH Power Limited, Parvez K. Handa, has assured the government and people of Liberia of world-class service to meet the growing demand of the energy sector of the country.

   According to Parvez K. Handa, quality energy engineering is cardinal to the growth and development of any nation, maintaining that the economy of Liberia could accelerate if its energy sector develops. The MBH Power Limited has been in Liberia since 2015, contributing to the energy development of Liberia. Handa further indicated that the company will continue to maintain standard in providing quality energy engineering services for the country in order for its citizens and residents across the country to have easy access to energy. Handa however maintain that the lack of affordable electricity is one of the major factors responsible for power theft in Liberia, noting that “if majority or communities are connected to the power grid the issue of power theft will be controlled.    “Nine community projects in Kakata, Margibi County, are currently on-going, and our company in collaboration with international partners is working on new sub-stations to come up soon for the country, and 18,000 houses are expected to be connected within the next one-year period,” Handa disclosed.

The Country Head of MBH Power made these assertions on Friday, November 13, 2020, when the company was honored as the Outstanding International Energy Engineering Company in Liberia 2020 by the West Africa Media Network.

   Presenting the certificate of award to Handa, the Managing Editor of the media institution, Joseph S. Wiah, commended the MBH Power Limited for its dedicated and quality services in improving the country’s energy sector. Wiah further disclosed that the instillation of the new power distribution network, which is on-going, is a quality work that the people of Liberia will benefit from for a very long period. “Quality energy engineering services, good labor practice and high safety measures were some of the benchmarks used by the editorial team to select MBH for the award,” he said.

   Receiving the award on behalf of the company, Parvez K. Handa, Country Head, thanked the media institution for the recognition and assured the people of Liberia of the company’s commitment to maintaining quality standard and safety at all times in Liberia.

   “We have over three hundred Liberians currently working with the company, and our policy is to train locals and empower them, and this helps to improve the country’s economy,” he averred.

   “We are happy here in Liberia. The people are loving and the atmosphere is good, and we feel comfortable operating in Liberia especially with professional people who we are working to improve the energy sector in the country,” he maintained. MBH power limited is currently operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Tanzania, India, UAE and Singapore.

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