NEC Debunks Media Report

NEC Chairperson, Davidetta Browne-Lansannah

The National Elections Commission (NEC) says its attention has been drawn to media report and discussion in the public that authorities of the National Port Authority (NPA) have offered to give the NEC US$40,000 to underwrite the cost of recounting ballots in Rivercess County, as mandated in the recent ruling of the Supreme Court.

   The NEC says it wishes to categorically deny these reports and inform the Liberian people that it has never been approached by authorities of the NPA or anyone on such issue. “Besides, the NEC does not receive funds for electoral activities from private entities or individual citizens. Funding for election is the sole responsibility of the Government of Liberia (GOL), which sometimes requests donor partners to assist the Commission,” a release from the NEC said.

   According to the release, “Following the decision of the Board of Commissioners to recount the ballots in 104 polling places across Rivercess County, the NEC, being cognizant of the government’s responsibility to finance election, developed a proposed budget for the exercise in the tone of US$58,014 and submitted it to authorities at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to source funding, in the event the Supreme Court upheld the Board’s ruling. This preemptive action of the NEC was necessary given the fact that government’s sourcing of funds to the NEC requires sufficient time for the NEC to receive the fund in time for the implementation of any electoral activity.

   “The NEC, as usual, is expected to receive the funds for Rivercess recount from the government.

   “Fellow Liberians, members of the press, the NEC assures you of its continued commitment to administering all electoral activities in credible, transparent, and accountable manner, guided fully by the Constitution and electoral laws. The NEC will do nothing, whatsoever, to circumvent these laws.”

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