Over 35 Liberians Stranded In Ukraine


The consequence of Ukraine’s invasion by Russia is far-reaching, with civilians of different nationalities stuck in the country, without an airline to return them home.

   International media is reporting that the government of Ukraine is denying Africans from leaving the country, and that Poland, a neighboring country, is hosting only Ukrainians and rejecting other nationals.

   In the midst of this scaring news, there are over thirty-five (35) Liberian students currently pursuing education in Ukraine. A list containing names of Liberians in Ukraine has on it the names of Augustine Koi Kollie, Gayflor Y. Mulbah, Clementia Gbee Forh, Angel Henrietta Aboah, Ariance T.G. Sopp, Geraldine Candy Kumakeh, Phildora Matina Browne, Tithelma Eliza Mulbah, Satu J. Freeman, Sten G. Yeanay, among others.

   All of them are said to be stranded in that distant country, fending for themselves and finding means to get out, while other countries are getting their citizens out with immediate effect.

   The Government of Liberia (GOL) is yet to make any statement as it relates to getting its citizens out of the war-raging country lest to mention making a move to getting them out, even though it recently issued a statement condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

   To get these stranded, non-working students out of Ukraine requires booking a hotel and feeding, which could keep them up until the government makes available a flight to bring them home, but this seems far from the minds of Liberian government officials.

   In the statement of condemnation dated February 24, 2022, the government said, “Today, the world woke up to the news of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, despite diplomatic efforts to defuse the building tensions.

    “The Republic of Liberia condemns this new wave of unprovoked aggression and attacks on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and, by extension, other neighboring countries.

   “This should be condemned in the strongest terms by all nations of the world. The Republic of Liberia still maintains its position in line with the UN General Assembly’s resolution in 2014, and calls on Russia to give peaceful dialogue a chance thereby sparing the lives of innocent citizens and foreign residents in Ukraine and also protecting the sovereignty of Ukraine.

   “Liberia joins the rest of the world in urging Russia to unconditionally cease hostilities, de-escalate and allow diplomacy and dialogue to take their course and bring relief to the peaceful citizens of Ukraine as well as the region.”

   Observers are saying this statement is not enough to provide protection for the Liberian civilian students in Ukraine, and that the government needs to go one step beyond a regular statement of condemnation and take charge of bringing the Liberians back home.

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