Pres. Weah May Lose Votes In Paynesville If…

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President George M. Weah should acquire majority vote in Paynesville City during the pending presidential and legislative elections if the leadership of the auxiliary of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, “Paynesville for Weah”, is suspended or changed by Chairman Mulbah Morlu, due to alleged profound corruption.

    The group, which was founded July 2022, recruited enormous voters from the five electoral districts of Paynesville for the re-election of President George M. Weah.

   But the once overcrowded political auxiliary for the President’s re-election has suffered a serious setback as a result of its allegedly money-driven Chairman, Lionel Weah, allegedly receiving money on behalf of the group but pocketing it.

   As a result, there are growing calls from disenchanted members to CDC’s Chairman Morlue for his removal or a halt be put to all financial engagements until he accounts for all the funds he has been receiving for the group.

   On February 4, 2023 when over five hundred thousand citizens nationwide nominated the President for his second term tenure, each auxiliary received L$20,000 for operation, according to Pastor Woderick Wrehyou, who is one of the strong members of “Team Jessie Korboi” for the President’s second-term bid and familiar with CDC’s political affairs.

  Several members of the “Paynesville for Weah” left uninformed of this amount until the Pastor revealed it during a public conversation.

   “Since we joined the group, Lionel Weah can’t give us five cents and cannot tell us anything about money,” Ezekiel, a disenchanted youth of the group, vociferated with frustration. “I can’t take part in their activities again because there is no financial transparency since its formation.”

   Apart from the L$20,000 Lionel Weah secretly received and allegedly squandered, the group has signed  for money twice on behalf of the group from the party’s headquarters without the members’ knowledge, according to Pastor Woderick. He revealed this to some of the members of the group.

   “Lionel Weah took me to the party’s headquarters as a secretary for his group, and we signed twice for money: about L$17,000 or L$18,000, small money. The boy did not give me five cents,” the Pastor said, challenging Lionel Weah to debunk him anytime he is around and  discussing the matter.

   Upon hearing the insincere news about Weah, his Co-Chairman, Eddie Nimely, and confidant, James Goverko, held an abrupt meeting in the VOICES’ palava hut and concluded on his suspension, but promised to get to the other coordinators before action.

   “We will get to the other coordinators to suspend Lionel Weah,” Nimely and Goverko said, in a uniformity tone in the presence of Mark Philip and Eddie Senkpeni, two high icons of the VOICES.

   Weah has no record of managing political institution and obtaining victory in the end, according to his allies who has known him for years. He served as public relation on Terrance Doe’s team, who contested for representative for district #4 in 2017’s election, and Doe did not win. He is also considered by the electorate as a “political helicopter”, flying every corner in the district for greener pastures.  He served as public relation officer for Aspirant Michael M. Thomas, but left the post un-ceremoniously due to his high demand and being self-omniscient.

   Paynesville, a vote-rich municipality, especially district #4, may not support the President’s second-term bid if Weah continually serve as head of the group.   

   Lawrence Dayougar, a founding secretary of the group, was taken from the group’s chartroom by Lionel Weah without any concrete reason.

   “The political organization has not been officially launched yet,” Dayougar said. “Lionel Weah appointed himself as organizer of the group. He took me from the chartroom without my knowledge and not giving any reason. I don’t benefit a cent for the months I was in the group.” 

   He added, “My disappointment is that he [Lionel Weah] does everything on his own.”

   According to insiders, everybody has distanced himself and herself from Weah because he is unfair in money matters. Recently, Chairman Morlu invited every auxiliary at the headquarters, including the “Paynesville for Weah”, which he is heading, but Nimely did not go with him, only Goverko did.

   “I am not chanced to go with you. When it comes to meeting, he can let us know, but for money matter, only he alone,” Nimely said, while Weah and Goverko were on their way going to the party headquarters for the meeting last week.

   According to one of CDC’s district #4 officials, George Taylor, every auxiliary got L$5,000 from the district level for the February 4 nomination.

   “We are not aware of the money that has been coming into the organization, yeah,” Rufus Peters, founding member, but now former, said.

   For clarity, the pastor maintained his stance under the VOICES’ palava hut, and was being insulted by Weah. Lionel allegedly resolved to fight journalist Silver-tongue for obtaining the information, but he was prevented.

   “We have resolved that Chairman Morlu change Lionel Weah or stop every financial benefit for the group, until otherwise ordered,” several angry members of “Paynesville for Weah” said with frowned faces.

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