Rep. Aspirant Dean Gives AGC’s Senior Class Financial Relief

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Over 68 senior students of the morning and afternoon sections of the All God Children (AGC) High School, Fiamah, on Wednesday received huge sums from district #8’s Representative-aspirant, Sam Chuchu Dean, to implement their project; writes Ojuku Silver-tongue Kangar, Jr.

   Five of the senior students, who are residents of aspirant Dean’s district, privately approached him for financial assistance in order for them to carry out a project, but Dean said he did it for the entire class to avoid discrimination.

   “Instead of giving this donation to just a chosen few, which were five persons, l decided to make the donation to the whole class,” he said. “Students from your class, Janjay, Cole, Miracle, George, and so on, came to see me about how best l can help with the class project.”

    “l decided not to limit it to you guys alone; it would be tantamount to discrimination… ‘because they are from his district and that is why he favored them alone’,” he added.

   Aspirant Dean, who is a disabled, dispelled the public assertion that people with disability depend on charity and society to survive; rather, he said they are great leaders like any other leaders of the world who seek the welfare of the masses.

   Therefore, he called on the student populace to do due diligence to district #8 by turning out to vote on October 10, 2023.

   “l would like to encourage you, no matter what district you come from, come to district #8 and do due diligence. You need a leader like me,” Representative-Aspirant Dean said. “l don’t see any crime if you register in any district that you want to register in. You guys have the potential to make a good leader”.

   The 60-plus senior students, who are paying L$6,000 each for the project fee, still need financiers to complete the payment. Therefore, Aspirant Dean has called on others to emulate his example.

   “I am not going to pay the L$6,000 for each person, but l am going to pay the first L$30,000, and maybe a humanitarian or somebody under the sound of my voice can listen to what l am doing and follow suit,” he said.

   The donation, which was done early Wednesday morning, was attended by the school’s principal, group of journalists, Team Chuchu’s members, students, and so on.

   “On behalf of Team Chuchu, and in my own name, l would like to make a donation of US$200 and L$10,000 for AGC class 2022 and 2023,” Representative-Aspirant Dean said, as he presented both currencies to the principal.

   The principal, James Forkpah, in acceptance remarks thanked Aspirant Dean and team members for the financial gesture.

   “We are grateful, on behalf of the school, AGC, the senior class for 2022 and 2023,” Principal Forkpah said. “A very big thanks to your organization, and also to you at this particular time.”

   Forkpah historicized the school, saying it originated from 11th Street, which is district #8, but moved Fiamah because it was gutted by fire, which forced them to migrate.

   “Most of the students come from district #8 and other areas,” he said, assuring Aspirant Dean that majority of the students are in his district and will vote for him.

   Elijah Juweler, President of the senior class thanked Aspirant Dean and team members for his intervention financially.

   “On behalf of the senior class, we are highly appreciative for the donation. God should add more to you and bless you more,” President Juweler said, as he beamed with smile.

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