Speaker Chambers Launches “Operation Noah’s Ark” For Pres. Weah’s Reelection In Pleebo Sodoken District


House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, says he has launched a unique version of President George Weah’s reelection campaign for the ensuing run-off election, slated for November 14, in his native Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County.

   According to Speaker Chambers, his version of the campaign is dubbed, “Operation Noah’s Ark”. The Speaker has stated that the President deserves a second-term mandate. He has intoned that the second-term is incontrovertible, irrefutable and beyond dispute.

   During a press conference at his Capitol Building Office in Monrovia, the Speaker further stated that literature in the Bible concerning the ark built by Noah was an effort to save good people on the earth, and such is the case with President Weah, who has taken Liberia’s challenges in the ideal of the ark, as was built to save good people; the good people of Liberia will be saved by the good exemplary public policy prescriptions being continuously actionable for the betterment of Liberia and its people.

   The Maryland County lawmaker said President Weah is the only one at this time who believes that this generation can strive on the conscience of posterity and can do better for prosperity.

   The Speaker has warned that, though there are evil doers who are bent on creating more floods, Liberia under the CDC leadership is better prepared for some of the evil doers, and has been doing everything possible to remain on the trajectory of prosperity for all Liberians.

   “President Weah is a patriot, a person regarded by Africa and the World as a perfect example among the best quality of leaders and a model of excellence. We now have in our midst our son, our brother, our leader and modern-day Noah, though evil people want to bring false floods, but the ark is now being stirred by Noah-George Weah. With the help of God, President Weah has constructed a highly durable ark to save the land and prevent floods,” Speaker Chambers asserted.

   In furtherance, the Speaker has averred that he believes that the floods of economic hardship that are to come—government has carried on some actions along with the President as an antidote to heal the land, and therefore, with Pres. Weah there will be no economic, religious or tribal floods.

   He called on the well-meaning people of Liberia to give President Weah the time, opportunity and space to continue sailing the ship of state to Olympian heights.

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