Speaker Chambers Winner Of Pleebo Sodoken District’s Election?


Several residents of Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, are claiming that pieces of evidence have revealed that Speaker Chambers is the legitimate winner of the just-ended October election in the district and, therefore, he must be given his rightful position.

  The residents claimed that Speaker Chambers’ votes were tempered with, alleging that this is a fact that was revealed by Cece Munnah Hinneh, who was the National Elections Commission (NEC) Supervisor at the hall where the election was held.

   According to the residents, Cece Munneh Hinneh said she was afraid for her life; therefore, she had to do what was instructed by the leaders to ensure that Anthony Williams became the “winner” of the race.

   Also, Christ walker, another resident of the district, alleged that the act was premeditated because they did not want Speaker Chambers again. According to Walker’s narration, to orchestrate their plan they unleashed the “country devil” to scare the people.

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