AYF Boss Rallies Electorate To Actively Participate In Presidential Run-Off


As Liberia approaches a crucial moment in its democratic journey with the up-coming presidential run-off election on November 14, 2023, the Founder of the African Youth Fellowship-Liberia (AYF), Moses N. Buwee, has rallied the electorate to actively participate in the presidential run-off election, underscoring that the essence of the nation’s progress lies in the hands of its people, and their vote is a testament to the strength of democracy in the country.

   In a statement issued over the weekend, Buwee said, “During the recent campaign period, we witnessed passionate discussions and, unfortunately, instances of unrest and arguments across our beloved country. It is a reminder of the importance of preserving the peace that Liberia has worked tirelessly to achieve after years of conflict and hardship.”

   According to him, “Liberia’s history is marked by the devastating effects of war, a painful chapter that we, as a nation, collectively seek to overcome. We must remember the toll that conflict took on our communities, families, and individual lives. The scars of the past urge us to prioritize peace, unity, and a shared vision for a prosperous future.

   “In light of recent events, AYF calls upon all Liberians to turn out in large numbers for the run-off election and, more importantly, to conduct themselves with the utmost respect, tolerance and consideration for fellow citizens. It is crucial that we express our political views peacefully, understanding that our diversity is a strength that should propel us forward, not divide us.”

   Buwee emphasized, “Post-electoral conflicts have the potential to undo the progress we’ve made as a nation. We must learn from history and work together to ensure that this election is a beacon of hope and progress for Liberia. Let us unite in our shared commitment to peace, democracy, and the prosperity of our great nation.

   “As citizens, we have the power to shape the destiny of Liberia through our votes and actions. Let us be the generation that upholds the principles of democracy and peace, fostering a legacy that future generations will celebrate.”

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