“Unrepentant Murderer”; CPP Responds To PYJ


The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has condemned the “foul trash spewed by the unrepentant murderer, Prince Yormie Johnson, of the Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR), which holds the Vice Standard Bearer position of the opposition Unity Party (UP), during his so-called church service on Sunday, May 28, 2023”.

   In a release issued Monday, May 29, 2023, the CPP said, “The murderous warlord defamed the purpose of worship and defiled the name of the Christian church screaming hate-filled messages and lies against the Standard Bearer of the CPP, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, the recently-named charismatic Vice Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, and the Chairman Emeritus of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Atty. Orishall Gould. The false prophet and cold-blooded murderer of hundreds of Liberians, including popular Liberian musician, Tecumseh Roberts, used the pulpit of the church to hurl ridiculous, unfounded, hate-filled and threatening rants, which are not just lies but also reminders of his killer instincts and disregard for human life, truth, respect and decency as the notorious and murderous leader of the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL).

   “It is obvious that this brigand now views the CPP as the biggest threat to his murderous quest for the Liberian presidency, having failed multiple times to shoot his way into occupying our nation’s highest office. Now because Prince Johnson believes his hand-picked Vice Presidential candidate could become president at any time if the UP ticket is successful, he is using every dirty and wicked tactic to halt the momentum and popular advance of the CPP Ticket. The blood-stained killer of Liberians of all tribes, including sons and daughters of Nimba, sees himself closer to the Liberian presidency this time, with only the vaunted and momentum-building CPP in his way. Hence, his vitriolic and slanderous rants against the opposition CPP must be seen in terms of the danger it poses to our beloved country—if this killer is anywhere near the Liberian presidency. This will not be accepted. Baboon should know the tree to rub itself against!”

   The CPP said, “We therefore call on Ambassador Joseph Boakai to condemn this provocation and vile attack against the CPP by his political partner and reign in his new bedfellows, or the CPP will. This is not an empty threat. As the emerging leader of the opposition, the CPP looks to work with the opposition community to make failed George Weah a one-term president. While this is our focus, we will not fail to deal decisively and aggressively with pretentious hustlers and known traders of our democratic quest for real change in our country. Amb. Boakai can choose to ‘dance with the devil’ but the CPP will not!

   “We also call on the Liberian Council of Churches, the Liberian Pastoral Network, and leaders of the Christian faith in Liberia to condemn the blasphemous use of the pulpit and name of the Christian Church by politicians and false prophets to slander and defame political opponents. This abuse of religion must stop now. The continued silence of leaders of the church can only aid and abet these false prophets and abusers of the faith.

   “Finally, it is unfortunate that the likes of notorious Prince Y. Johnson, who should have answered for egregious war crimes, multiple murders, and crimes against humanity and the people of Liberia, including sons and daughters of Nimba, still has a voice in our political space. He fears the CPP because he knows we are serious in our promise made to the victims, survivors, and family members of the over 250,000 Liberians who lost their lives in our civil war, that under the CPP leadership all warlords, including Pay-to-Play self-styled General Prince Y. Johnson, will definitely answer for war crimes against the people of Liberia. If the Legislature fails to pass the bill, the CPP Standard Bearer, when elected, will appoint, by Executive Order, a Special Prosecutor on War Crimes to end this long-standing impunity.”

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