YCDUL Vows To Sue Former King Bola Ogunkoya For Constant Impersonation


The leadership and membership of the Yoruba Community and Descendant Union of Liberia (YCDUL), have resolved to take legal action against their dethroned King, Bola Ogunkoya, for his continued impersonation as king of the union; writes Ojuku Silver-tongue Kangar Jr.

   โ€œWe can recollect that a few months ago some members of the Yoruba Community and Descendant Union of Liberia and the Chief-in-Council at the Yoruba Kingdom in Liberia filed a number of allegations against Mr. Boka Ogunkoya at the Disciplinary Committee constituted by the Yoruba Community in Liberia, which has the oversight responsibility to handle any violation and complaint brought forward by members of the community,โ€ YCDUL said in a press conference.

   The allegation, which YCDULโ€™s leadership filed against Ogunkoya, ranged from misrepresentation, misappropriation of the unionโ€™s funds and gross misconduct when served as President of the union.

   The complaint against him also included perpetual attacks on members of both the union and the kingdom with charms, which resulted into a past executive of the community fallen sick and leading to the loss of one of his eyes.

   โ€œUp till now, YCDULโ€™s President Makinde is still going from one hospital to another for treatment. He was forced to go to Nigeria for further treatment recently,โ€ the released added.

   The leadership accused Bola of inflicting sickness on some members and sexual harassment on female members of the community, which caused confusion between members of the affected family and the union. He is also accused of extortion of money from members of the union on the pretense of celebrating โ€œOodua Dayโ€ every year.

   Upon receiving the complaint, Bola was served a letter to attend a meeting and discuss the matter, but he refused, according to the leadership.

   After several invitations and refusal to attend, in his absence leaders and members of the union deliberated on the allegations brought against him and found guilty. A โ€œvote of no confidenceโ€ was unanimously passed on Bola Ogunkoya, and he was immediately dethroned as King (Oba) in Liberia.

   His dethronement and expulsion letter, according to the leadership, was sent to the Nigerian embassy, Nigerian Community President, Deacon Harizon Aniukwu, the executives, elders and advisers of the Yoruba Community in Liberia, and he was invited for a dialogue to the Nigerian embassy.

   โ€œOn the day of the meeting, members of the Yoruba Community were present at the embassy while Mr. Bola Ogunkoya was absent,โ€ the statement said.

   Bola later wrote a letter of apology to the union on the allegations brought against him.

   โ€œA few days later, Mr. Bola Ogunkoya brought all the traditional materials used to decorate him as King of the Yoruba community in Liberia to the President of the union, in person of Chief Matthew Makinde, and he surrendered them to the custodian,โ€ the release observed.

   However, the union has observed that Ogunkoya is still impersonating as king of the Yoruba community since his dethronement and subsequent turning over of the traditional materials to the unionโ€™s President.

   As a result, the leadership has threatened to take legal action against him whenever he is caught in the act of โ€œimpersonatingโ€ as King of Yoruba.

   Considering the effect that impersonation has on an institution, the unionโ€™s President, Makinde, and others are calling on the Government of Liberia (GOL) to arrest Bola Ogunkoya for habitually impersonating as King of Yoruba in Liberia.

   But in a telephone interview with a team of journalists, Ogunkoya denied turning over traditional materials to the unionโ€™s President, and observed that he is still King of the Yoruba Community in Liberia.

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