CDC Shows First Sign Of Possible Comeback; As Weah Motivates Opposition On CDC Militant Day


The political struggle has not been easy for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in recent times, with two of its constituent parties, the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberia People’s Democratic Party (LPDP), officially exiting the alliance, in addition to rumor that the Political Leader of the party, former President George M. Weah, may not partake in the 2029 general and presidential elections.

     Amidst all the uncertainties, and in the absence of Weah, the CDC announced a militant day only a few weeks after its National Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, tendered his resignation from the party.

   The Militant Day, intended to appreciate the enthusiasm of CDC supporters for their steadfastness and dedication over the years, met stiff criticism from several individuals, including the Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), Eugene L. Fahngon, coinciding with a heavy downpour of rain.

   However, the party successfully conducted the day, which was the first of a three-day program commemorating the militant month, June 28—30, 2024. CDCians turned out in their thousands, describing the event as “turning setback into a comeback”.

   CDC partisans shockingly defied the rain in their blue-and-white and stormed the headquarters, led by the party’s Acting Chairman, Janga Augustus Kowo, and Secretary General, Jefferson Tamba Koijee. The program was attended by the Speaker of the House of Representative, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, and the CDC Legislative Caucus, headed by Margibi County Senator, Nathaniel F. McGill. Nimba County’s district #7 Representative, Musa Hassan Bility, was also in attendance, as well as former Representative of Montserrado County’s district #8, Acarous Moses Gray.

   During the program, the Political Leader, Weah, called and expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Chairman, Secretary General and the entire Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change for the planning and organization of the Militant Day program.

   Weah later released a statement of appreciation and solidarity, in which he said the CDC has been a way of life and a bastion of hope for thousands of Liberians who believe in their grassroots agenda, and they cannot afford to let down the hopes and aspiration of these people.

   “We therefore thank you for staying the course and for committing to continue striving for a better Liberia. Your gathering in such large numbers, notwithstanding our absence from the country and the extremely terrible weather, demonstrates your love for the institution and yearning for an alternative agenda,” the CDC Political Leader said.

   He thanked other political party leaders for their presence at the program. “The CDC thanks you for the show of opposition solidarity and urges all who believe in a united and indivisible country to continue to collaborate in the interest of our people,” he added.

   He vowed to be returning to Liberia soon, reinvigorated and rejuvenated to continue fighting for a better country.

   Observers are of the opinion that the CDC has sent a strong sign of a possible comeback in the 2029 general and presidential elections—if the UP administration does not live up to the will and aspiration of the people. They pointed out that the CDC was defeated in the 2023 election due to rampant corruption and failing to solve the bread-and-butter issues of the society, and if the UP government continues to do what they are doing now they, too, may not return to power after their six-year term.

   Meanwhile, speaking during the Militant Day opening ceremony at the CDC headquarter on Friday, Nimba County’s district #7 Representative and member of the Liberty Party (LP), Musa H. Bility, emphasized the need for members of the opposition block to rally and join forces with unity in order to take state power come 2029. “There will be temptations, but let’s work together and come back stronger,” he maintained.

Rep. Musa Bility making remarks at Militant Day celebration, Friday, June 28, 2024

   Representative Bility used the occasion to hail Speaker Fonati Koffa for his splendid leadership ability at the House of Representatives. According to him, there is noise all around Cllr. Fonati Koffa’s Speakership, but assured that even fly cannot touch him. He said, “The reason we have a functional government today is because we have a speaker who loves Liberia.”

   According to him, anyone who attempts to disrupt the Legislature will also be disrupting the state. “If they fire one shot at the House, we will fire back at the Senate and the Executive Mansion,” he warned.

   He said Liberian people made their decision in the 2023 elections that the two big parties in the country should divide the government, with one to the Executive Mansion and the other to the Capitol Building, and if anyone attempts to change that it means they want to change the outcome of the elections, and they will help to have it changed.

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