Cummings Gets Rousing Welcome in Goghen, Bomi County

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Hundreds of supporters, rural dwellers, backed by cultural masked dancers and auxiliary groups in Goghen Clan, Clay District, Bomi County, over the weekend greeted the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, with a rousing and warm welcome.

   Goghen Town has an estimated voting population of over 2,000 and they are predominantly Muslims. The clan is located about 25 miles off the Bomi highway.

   The visit to Goghen Town is in furtherance of the ANC Political Leader’s community engagement, leading to the 2023 presidential and general elections in Liberia.

   At a special program, the chiefs, elders, women and youth groups, in separate statements, expressed support for the ANC candidate. They pledged to work with the ANC in Bomi County to ensure Cummings’ victory in the 2023 presidential election.

   A local agriculture group, the World Foundation International (WFI), comprising an estimated 3,500 farmers, based in Goghen, sashed and presented a certificate of honor to Cummings, designating him as “WFI Farmers’ Ambassador”. They pledged support and commitment to the ANC in the 2023 elections. Statements of support from local groups, elders and chiefs pointed to Cummings’ enviable international record and excellent leadership style, which they said are the leadership qualities needed to institute real change in Liberia.

   In remarks, the ANC Political Leader, Alexander B. Cummings, expressed gratitude to the people of Goghen Clan for the warm welcome and statements of support and solidarity for his presidency in 2023. He spoke of the country’s rich and vast natural resources and the sharp contrast in the deplorable living condition of the masses.

   Cummings blamed the massive suffering and terrible living condition of the people, especially in rural Liberia, on the high level of stealing and incompetence of public officials in President George Weah’s administration.

   He assured Liberians that, with a Cummings Presidency, corruption will be arrested and Liberians will experience unprecedented improvement in their living condition, by his government attracting foreign direct investments and creating job opportunities.

   He made a clarion to all well-meaning Liberians, including men, women and youth groups for their support to vote out President Weah, considered the head of the most corrupt and inept administration ever in the Liberian history.

   The visit was characterized by masked cultural dancing by both the Sande and Poro societies, and was attended by rural dwellers from nearby towns and villages in Clay District, Bomi County.

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