Rep. Candidate Thomas Launches “Takeover Victory” Campaign


The parlance, “Seeing Is Believing”, was manifested by political pundits and others upon seeing the mammoth crowd which attended Representative-Candidate Michael M. Thomas’ political campaign launch. They referred to him as “the man of the match”; writes Ojuku Silver-tongue Kangar, Jr. With numerous battle cries, songs, dances of his supporters, among others, Representative-Candidate Thomas of Montserrado County’s district #4, marched with the jostling crowd from Car Wash community, the boundary between Montserrado County’s districts #2 and #4 to the official site of the program. The crowd defied the torrential downpour of early rain on Saturday morning and afternoon, and marched and assembled on Du-Port Road Baptist Field, where the official launching campaign program was held. Several citizens from the over 35 communities of the district wore T-shirts, berets, and so on, which had Candidate Thomas’ photo and name, pledging their unflinching support to make him a member of the 55th National Legislature on Tuesday, October 10. “You endorsed me in 2020, and today you stood under the rain and have shown the marching order. You are part of the change district #4 needs,” Representative-candidate Thomas said in what some described as a pre-victory tone. Earlier, beneficiaries of the Thomas’ Foundation, who included graduates and students of the vocational education, market women who are loan beneficiaries, scholarship beneficiaries, among others, reaffirmed their vote to Thomas on election day. With the huge turnout of supporters, political pundits have voiced that no one should underestimate Candidate Thomas in the district’s political race. He is among 25 representative-candidates in the district, who are vying for the 2024 55th Legislature seat of the district. The district is densely populated with 79,341 citizens, who registered vote. But though densely populated, it lacks pipe-borne water, community college, and so on. The district is more populated than eight of Liberia’s 15 counties: Gbarpolu, 50,615 population; Grand Gedeh, 63,942; River Gee, 37,807; Maryland, 67,600; Grand Kru, 42,396; Bomi, 63,112; Rivercess, 39,941; and Sinoe, 55,579, according to the National Elections Commission (NEC) registered voters per county. Being the district with the highest population in Montserrado County, Atty. Thomas has bragged that he has great impact on the citizens of the district, more than his predecessors and his rivals. But some constituents of the electorate say Atty. Thomas is running vocational schools and other humanitarian services for them because he wants their vote, only to turn his back on them when elected. “I am the best choice of the people because in every nook of the district the name that keeps resonating is Michael Thomas,” the candidate told the cheerful crowd. With the lapses the district faces, the Representative-Candidate promised the electorate that he would construct community college in the district, conduct an audit for the misappropriation of the district’s fund, offer more scholarships to the youths, give more loans to market women, among others, if he wins. The district, with 35 communities, has been underdeveloped since its formation, with then Representative Henry Fahnbulleh being its first Representative. Representative-Candidate Thomas, who is number 21 on ballot box, reminded his supporters that any candidate with 21 is him, urging them to vote that number. Bragging, he informed his audience that he has contributed to every sector in the district, ranging from health and education to loan, anti-drug, anti-rape campaigns, and so on. With this advocacy record, Candidate Thomas assured the citizens of the district that he will deliver the district, referring to incumbent Representative, Rustolyn Suacco Dennis, as “Jezebel”, who should be voted out for misrepresenting the district. With the adage, “Many are called, but few are chosen”, if the total number who turned out when he launched his campaign vote for him on election day, he might be the Victor on October 10, according to political pundits. But he is still under political scrutiny by some members of the electorate, who are yet to support him for what they foresee as deception if he wins the race.

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